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    Default Painful Contractions

    Not sure what these are whether they are BH contractions or real contractions but they are painful and taking my breath away.

    Woke up this morning and had alot of pressure in my bottom and have had alot of cervical discharge as well.

    As i was induced with my son I am not sure what to do.

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    Have you spoken with your midwife/OB to see what they think about it? You could try to have a nice warm shower, because that can sometimes stop them if they are only BH's. If they get too uncomfortable, you can take some panadol. It is possible that bubs is just moving lower down into your pelvis too.

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    Have a hot bath and see if that makes them stop? (I had intense contactions for about 3 weeks before going into labour......the only time a hot shower/hot bath DIDN'T stop them was the morning I actually gave birth!)

    Do check with your care giver though.

    The increase in discharge: I had that too......keep an eye on it.....for colour and smell and consistency......

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    How are you going now Ally??

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    How are you Ally??

    I had contractions start at 36-37 weeks with Gemma and I lost my mucous plug over the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy as well. I remember having them 2-3 times where they were soooo painful and I got Corey to come home, take me to the hospital where of course they stopped!LOL! It is so hard to tell if they are bh or actual contractions. My bh are always painful. Just think at least they are doing something.

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    Hi Girls,
    I say there were my BH contraction God they were painful. Never experienced them with my DS so I wasn't sure what they were. They stopped around 5.00pm. See if i get any today. Have started taking EPO too and drinking lots of RLT.
    Keep you updated.

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