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    Ouch!! Thats all i can say last night went to have a vaginal exam at the hospital to see if my waters were broken and the midwife used a speculum to check for infection and i was screaming in pain its normally not that bad just uncomfortable but last night my insides just felt so bruised i couldnt handle that speculum up there i felt so sore!!! Has anyone else ever felt this really bruised feeling in there? It felt really tender i just wanted it out i dont know if maybe it was sore coz i tensed up a bit or maybe i do have an infection???? During labour do they use the speculum again or is it just an internal with their fingers gosh i hope so coz if im feeling bruised again i will be in tears. DH holding my hand was great but didnt remove the pain!!! aggghhhhh someone please give me some good news or inspiration. Ouch..................................


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    I have only had internals with fingers during labour and even when i had one at 37wks it was with fingers.


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    I remember the first exam I had in hospital with Elijah (the first time I went in and was monitored) was much more painful than when she checked me at 8-9 cms. I don't know why but I couldn't hold still and it hurt!!! Must ask Dr. Nick why that might be,
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    I only ever had one internal late my OB, and it was when I was 9cm dilated and it hurt do mich I nearly kicked him in the idea why, as I must have been quite wide IYKWIM, but it was incredibly painful adn my instinct was to pull away from him, wheras usually I am quite calm about such things...........

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    I had an internal with fingers at 4cm dilated and it bl***y killed me.

    You poor thing the speculum would've been really bad too......

    After my internal they asked me if I wanted to change my mind re the csection I said no way call the surgeon....

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    Apparently it hurts more when your cervix is dilated or effaced because it's so much more tender than normal.

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    hmmm...I had a few internals near the end and the ones that hurt were when he nearly shoved his whole hand up there! I had a tilted cervix & he had to manouvere a bit to feel anything... that hurt but for me once labour started I didn't notice a thing...LOL

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