thread: pelvic pain, strong BH's...?

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    pelvic pain, strong BH's...?

    hi all, just a question....

    Did anyone else get pre labour symptoms and how long before they went into labour?

    I've just recently (this past wk) gotten pelvic pains (feels like I've been bd'sing too much and hurt the front of my pubis), my hips feel clicky and were actually clicking when I walked a few days ago, now it's just a feeling of walking weird, I can't spread my legs properly without a twinge or two...bringing them together does the same thing....My BH's have been frequent thru this pgcy but recently they've been ramping up, lasting longer and getting a little more uncomfortable. I've even had to breathe thru a few of them. I feel them pulling bubs hard against the cervix. I've been getting backaches a little more and DEF got a LOT more discharge down there (sorry if TMI).
    I feel that the birth is getting closer (maybe a week away)... But DH tells me I've still got 4wks and that this all happened with my last one but I can't remember it!!! (was induced early and kat hadn't even fully engaged due to pre-eclampsia).

    I'd truely like to know roughly how much longer I have to go? as I'm having fun trying to cope with a 11m.o baby and do everything I've gotta do with this all happening. I even have to stop in the middle of things till the BH's fade at times.....

    Please, if you had these symptoms and can recall when they started ect, can you give me an idea of what to expect?.??

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    You poor chook. It does sound like things are really happening. Those symptoms you describe sound so very similar to how I felt in the 40th week of my pregnancy with Olivia.

    Is there any chance you could be further along than you think?

    Have you asked your Dr/OB?

    It is most likely your body simply preparing.

    Either way, impossible as it probably is, try & rest up.

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    Jul 2004
    in a land of screaming kids.

    Lucy, the dr's were pretty sure from U/s's that the due date was 11/11. But since I had kat only one period before they could be wrong.....
    all I know is what my body is telling me and by god I'm STARVING today!! All I want to do is eat! Not good....

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    katkins I had basically the same exact symptoms which started around 38 weeks. They went away at 40 weeks and Matilda was born 17 days overdue after being induced. So the midwives told me I was in prelabour but it never progressed to labour. I even had a show during that time but nothing ever progressed even with me walking heaps & doing all I could. I hope it either settles down for you for a little while or progresses so you don't have to sit in limbo waiting for too long.

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    I think you have pre labour symptoms. I am just over 36 weeks and I am experiencing similar symptoms. I am getting braxton Hicks occasionally with period like cramps which is saying that your body is getting ready to deliver the baby. It still could be a matter of weeks away as with my other pregnancies I had these symptoms for weeks before the baby actually arrived.

    Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and baby girl due on the 8th November

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    Hey Katkins, you poor angel.

    I had pre labor pains for 2 weeks and ended up in hospital with fake labor quite a few times, so don't dimiss it, it could be the real thing. 8-[

    Ended up giving birth @ 35 weeks and 5 days. O

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    in a land of screaming kids.

    thank you girls for all your support. Feeling a little off tonight, even been off eating this evening (not unusual this pg, but was starving today so maybe I am just still full from picking all day). Nothing specific, just not feeling right. Feel very drained and out of it. Am achey too. Just had a HOT bath and am off to bed. Thank you for all your help and advice...

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    I've been having regular cramps or Braxton Hicks and I'm 34 weeks. I spent 3 days solid last week timing the BH's I was having, I had to breath through the main ones and had constant type cramping, they were really strong, but then they went away. So I'm guessing my body is preparing for the big day! I haven't worried too much as I didn't get any other symptoms such as a show, ruptured membranes etc etc. As I've had 2 children before I kind of know how my body works, although this could be different and there are no hard and fast rules, but usually my membranes rupture first then my labours start, then I get a show (that's exactly what happened the last 2 times).

    It's hard to know, some people said I might go early but I doubt it. I think our bodies are just preparing and I'm hoping that the pains I've been having over this week and in the weeks to come are actually doing something. I'm definitely not preparing myself for the baby coming before my EDD as I could be wrong and it could stress me out a bit being heavily pregnant. I've got my eye on the finish line with a specific date in mind, if I go over that date it won't be such a big deal as they will induce me by then anway.

    As Nadia said to dismiss it completely, if you are worried maybe book in to see your Dr or go to the hospital where they'll be able to tell you whether your having contractions or are in labour. Anyway I hope your feeling a bit better.

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    Kerry, I have had all the pains in the pelvis just like you mentioned aswell as the clicky hip (I sound like a senior citizens aerobic class heh he) for the last few weeks but only felt what I think was my first BH last night,... So I have no Idea.. sorry