thread: period pain before labour

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    period pain before labour

    just wondering if period type pain is ussually present before labour begins. i have had what feels exactly like period pain for the last week or so, but today it has gotten a fair bit worse (nothing extreme though). and the other thing is that i had brownish discharge today, a reasonable amount, do you think this could have been the mucous plug?

    i dont want to jump to any conclusions, but should i be at all worried about the slightly bloody (brown) discharge? the funny thing is that i dont want to go into labour as i am booked in for a c/section in 5 days. i guess i am being a little bit paranoid that it will happen before then.

    so did anyone else have these period pains before labour, and if this was the mucous plug, how long can you go after that without labour beginning (i am probably just being silly, but feel free to ease my mind and tell me this is all nothing [-o< )

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    Hi Linda, it does sound like the mucus plug, but if you are worried contact the midwives at your hospital. The pains could be braxton hicks 'false labor contractions' or could be labor. Have a bath and see if they go away, if it is not labor they should go away, if they stay or get worse in the bath then its probably real labor, again if you're worried contact your hospital.

    Also after you lose the mucus plug you could go into labor from anywhere between the next day to 2 weeks after.

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    thanks tegan,

    i was thinking it may be the mucous plug, am glad to hear that labour could be as much as 2 weeks away still.

    i have an OB visit on tuesday so will hopefully be able to wait until then and talk to him about it.

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    Melinda Guest

    Yes labour can still be a while off, even if you do lose your mucus plug. It can be up to 2w away. However for me, I lost mine during labour in hospital!

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    thanks melinda, i really will sleep better tonight now!!!

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    The mucus plug usually has streaking of blood and it's usually pinkish in colour. It may be early movement though but as the girls have mentioned, it can be anywhere up to 2 weeks.

    Woo hoo! Not far to go now
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    this was brownish in colour (you know how it is at the beginning of AF?)

    i know -not long!!! yee haa!!! \/

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    Im with the others here hun, maybe if it gets worse go into the hospital, if it's nothing then it's nothing but it may just be something- all they can do is send you home? Good luck darl.xxxx O

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    thanks nadia

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    Hey Linda, I did get period pain before I started labour and I did lose my mucus plug a week before giving birth, however I was induced so probably doesn't count.

    Once I lost the plug I was still getting pinky/brownie type mucus as well.

    If you are ever unsure, just ring the hospital, they'll get you to come in if need be.

    Good luck!

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    I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have been getting period like pains on/off for a few weeks now. I think they are braxton Hicks which gets you ready for labour. I am not really worried at this stage because they are few and far between. But if they are becoming more regular and painful I be keeping a watch nearby and timing them because it could be early stage of labour.

    With the brownish discharge that sounds like it is a show. I had a show with my first one but can not remember having a show for the other three.

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