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Thread: Persuasive & encouraging words needed for my bestie ....

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    Default Persuasive & encouraging words needed for my bestie ....

    Hi ladies

    Bit of background - me - was told my DS would be big - and he was a good size at 4.125kg. However, was then told my DD was going to be biggish too - and she came out 3.57kg.

    My friend - her first bubba came out at 3.995kg. She is 37wks with her second. Her husband and her are biggish people - hands, feet, that type of things - not just weight. She had a scan at 32 to check placenta as it was previously low - and bubs measured 35wks

    Our conversation then was - me saying it doesn't mean her DD bubba is definately big, just a guesstimate and not to worry, she can birth 4kg, she can birth a 4.5kg if she had to

    Anyway,, she just had her 36 wk check, she is going through midwife clinic like me - but Ob does 36wk check - he told her that they wouldn't let her go over if she got to her due date cos of bubba's (potential!) size.

    Second conversation - I asked her what reason did he give given her DD1's size, she had her naturally w/o any real complications (small haemorrhage but that doesn't relate to bubba!!), what were his concerns - she said she would just do what they want her to do if she goes to term and be induced and that was all he said - the size of baby being the reason ????!!!

    Third conversation - re induction - I have had synto drip twice and tried to tell her encouragingly how awful it was not being able to move, risks I now know etc - (my contractions wouldn't get regular after 3 days, waters had broken 36 hours earlier and I was none the wiser - look out this time ) - ....

    I am looking for some other pearls of wisdom I can share with her without being like a totally pushy friend and isolating myself totally - basically don't wanna p$$$ her off as she is one of my besties, but I am concerned.

    Any help appreciated


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    Can you introduce her to BB and show her some of the relevant threads? There is a fabbo one about "potential size of baby" and "not being allowed to go over" blah blah blah...

    Then he can see for herself and feel better about with birth without you feeling pushy...

    Good on you for caring so much and being intelligent enough to not want to be pushy

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