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Thread: plug & overdue

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    Red face plug & overdue

    i was just wondering my discharge is begin to become sticky could this be my plug starting to come away
    also how can i relax so my labour will start im finding it hard to do so.....

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    Default might is SO hard to tell. Do you have any other symptoms?

    I hope it is, for your sake.......I know the waiting is so hard......I went 10 days overdue with Olivia and it felt like an eternity.

    I know how tough it is to relax.....I alternated between searching the net for birth-stories, swimming, snoozing and chatting on BB......all the while fielding phone calls from everyone saying "have you given birth yet?" which didn't help much!

    I wish you the very best of luck!
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    when i lost my plug, it was defiently noticable.. It was a bit glob, hard to miss.. although some woman loose there's bit by bit, and because you are already overdue, this is proberly i

    After i lost my plug with both pregnancys, 12 hours later my water broke!

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    Very stringy and sticky usually, often stained with blood or a browny red colour.

    HAVE A MASSAGE! Accupuncture even... cailin & I had a pregnancy massage with Tracey Habron (health expert on BB) at term and we both went into labour within 48 hours. But being anxious wont help
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    Aww Kylie, I really hope that things start soon for you. I agree with Kelly go and have a pregnancy massage, or get some accupuncture done to help bring on labour, both are fantastic. You can also try reflexology to help get bub moving.

    There are plenty of things you can do to get bub moving. But while you are waiting try and rest, take a walk with Dh, go shopping (with someone) and again try and get some rest. It's like watching a pot boil, it takes forever while your watching.

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