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Thread: is pms feeling prior to labour normal?

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    Default is pms feeling prior to labour normal?


    Can anyone tell me if this is normal?? I'm 41 weeks and have been trying to help labour start so i don't have to be induced next week, and just today, i feel like i am literally going crazy. It feels like really extreme pms, and i'm all teary and anxious enough to be borderline panic attack. Has anyone else had this prior to labour? Or does everyone go through this due to nervousness??

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    Thank goodness I am not the only one! hopefully it goes away a little, or he makes an appearance today which would be nice. I see your being induced the same day as me. Good luck! I'm having him at KEMH if i can find my way around the place.

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    I know I had what was like period pain for 2 days before I went into labour with Em. Looking back it was probably pre-labour, but I just didn't realise it at the time.

    Good luck - I hope your bub comes very soon!

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    Yep I had the emotional stuff too. I chucked a tantrum cos DH wanted to take our old EH holden out for the night and I didn't want to get in cos I felt too anxious - four days later I had Darcy

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    Would you say the 'nervousness' is the same as what you would experience during a normal period / PMS?

    While your hormones may just be playing havic with your nerves, it might help to write down or discuss any fears / thoughts that you have about birth (because fear/stress can block our body from giving the 'go' signal to start natural labour).

    I ALWAYS go overdue and the doctors ALWAYS want to induce me. Induction makes me expremely nervous. I don't know if you have the same feelings. But I would recommend (even if it is only PMS/prebirth symptoms) doing what ever you can to try and relax. Do something special for yourself. It could be a bath, massage, lunch in the park or what ever else makes you feel relaxed.

    Best wishes.

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