thread: Possible nerve damage

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    Possible nerve damage

    Hello ladies-
    I just wanted to ask if anyone who has had an epidural/spinal block/ caesarean ended up with any of these symptoms:
    * at night my legs feel as if there is no blood circulation in them. I rub them but they still feel weird. It's almost like limited feeling as well.
    * I have been having weird random leg cramps.
    * When i get my legs feeling weird sometimes my arms do as well and it helps when i scratch it. For some reason it feels a little better when i do it.
    * Getting randomly dizzy for no particular reason.
    * Waking up in the night for no particular reason
    * having a real decrease in libido, and lastly,
    * Some uterus area pain sometimes when passing urine and some whiteish discharge.
    I am a bit worried about all this. I figured it would go by itself and was just a left over problem from having epidural and spinal block.
    If anyone else has experienced these or can give me any advice that would be great. I am going to make an appointment to see my doctor coz it is getting kind of weird now.
    Thanks :-)

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    Pee I had tingling in my feet after getting up for around 4 months and thats gone now... I also got dizzy but I have had two ear infections since so it could be that too... :-k I'm awake so much at night, but thats mainly to do with MAtilda not sleeping...

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    Nov 2004

    Apparently our bodies don't recover for about six months after the c/s. So it is (relatively) normal to have a number of side effects.

    Although if it's been more than six months you should see your dr...