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    Hey guys I have been experiencing branxton hicks for several weeks and being woken
    all hours of the night with an array of pains, i am due and just wondering if there a any
    hints to bring on the labour, i have had sore ribs for the last 6 weeks and was given pain killers, this is my first baby so i am geting anxious

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    There's only really wives' tales about curry and walking, DTD and all that. Induction seems to be the only real thing that works and I don't think you want one of those yet!!
    Don't get anxious, talk to your obst. or care provider, it all sounds fairly normal that your baby is on they way. I'd be more anxious if I wasn't feeling anything, but if it's painful enough to need painkillers, I'd definitely be speaking to my care provider about it.
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    There are a number of things:

    One I was told about by my midwife last week was Nipple Stimulation. I am sure if you search through the threads you will find a number of varying ideas & things you can do.

    If they don't bring on labour, they will at least fill in the time waiting.



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    Hi Jilly
    There are a number of things that can help to bring on labour.

    Evening Primrose Oil Capsules
    Take orally as per the instructions on the bottle. Also insert 3 high into the vagina at bedtime. You may want to put a pad on as it can be a bit messy in the morning.

    Nipple Stimulation You or your partner rolls Your nipples between your fingers. Can also rub/stroke your nipples. Get your partner to use his mouth tongue. You can also use your plastic friend if you have one.

    Sex. There is a substance in seamen that can help to ripen your cervix. Also if you have an orgasm this can start contractions.

    All of the above are safe and will not bring on labour unless your body and baby is ready

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    gigi01 Guest


    Ooh good luck Jilly - hope it is starting for you!
    Alan - I haven't heard of the evening primrose oil before - how is it meant to help?


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