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Thread: long till labour???????????

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    Default long till labour???????????

    Hi Everyone

    I'm starting to get nervous as I'm getting closer and getting lots of BH's and period cramps on and off for weeks, some days worse than others.

    What I'm more worried about is that Dh works as a storeman/delivery driver meaning hes out for the afternoons doing deliveries.He can be over an hour away one way somedays and I'm worried that when I do go into labour it may be quick.I have heard some of you say that you had pre-labour which was cramps/contrations that lasted up to a couple of days before labour.Is this the norm for most women?

    We have a plan in place with his boss that a workmate will met him half way when I'm in labour and they'll swap utes so he can come home but we're both worried that I'll be left at home in labour by myself for a while untill he can get to me.Oh and we're worried about false alarms which would be highly embarrassing to me!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also did you get alot of loose bowel movements in the weeks leading up to labour as I seem to be going all the time?!

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    The cramps are just your bodies way of preparing itself, so nothing to worry about there... I didnt get loose bowels movemens until just before i started my contractions (just your bodies way of cleaning itself out, better than an enema later on!!!) And generally most woman dont have a really quick labour for their first. Most of my friends have had 24-48 hour labours!!! It all depends on induced, natural... even family history, i found, can have a little to do with it!!! I wouldnt stress too much hun, just make sure you have ambulance cover, just in case. HAve you got someone, family or friend, wh could come round on a moments notice? Just to put your mind at ease??? Sorry, this prob hasnt helped much, but it all goes to plan, eh??

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    Kirsty, unfortunately pre-labour can go on for weeks for some people, but you will know real labour when it happens and I am sure you'll be fine. With first labours, often they are longer anyway and it's usually the second baby if anything that is born on the doorstep! So relax and remember that it's not the time between contractions, it's the length of them. If you can get 60-90 seconds long out of your contractions, then labour should be well established. So you should have good warning that all is happening - and not stopping.
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    I had pre-labour for 2 weeks from 37-39 weeks and then nothing more Matilda was induced at 16 days overdue.

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    :flower: Thank you thank you............I feel much better.I was pretty sure that first labours were quite long and pre-labour started quite a while before labour.

    I feel much better and much more relaxed.........................

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