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Thread: Pre-labour signs/symptoms already?

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    Default Pre-labour signs/symptoms already?

    I posted about this in a different section (different title) but thought here was maybe a bit more appropriate.

    Last night I was getting lots of braxton hicks contractions, which is very unusual for me(I amy get the occasional one every few days or so). I also got very mild period type pain and mild lower back pain.

    Today I have only had one contraction (that I have noticed), but I still have the mild pains.

    My question is, could these be pre-labour signs already? Obs said last week that bubs was heading south, could it be that her head is engaging?

    Has anyone else had these symptoms?

    As you can see by my ticker, I am in my 35th week of pregnancy.


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    Hey Nadine

    I had pretty intense BH's from quite early on and ended up going 7 days o/due and being induced and yet other women have had what you've had and gone into labour a few days later. Everyones different so its a little hard to tell if it is really early labour or not.I'd take it easy if I were you just in case especially since your only at 35 weeks.If you did go into labour now they'd try to stop it.


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