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    i have read that 'the runs' can be a pre-labour symptom. well yesterday i went to the loo five times, this morning twice already but its not 'the runs', just softer. i dont have any upset tummy type pains or anything.. could this be something?

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    could be.. i have heard that as well, so, hopefully, things will start happening for you soon!
    Good luck.

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    have seen ur other thread too about bh things are starting to happen for you! Won't be long to go now either way!

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    It doesn't nescessarily have to be the runs. Just going a lot to clear out the system.

    That being said I sometimes have this happen and it freaks me out as i am paraniod about preterm labour due to my first early bub. Especialy when the baby is also having a quiet day.

    So it's one of those sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. I can't actually remember what my bowel movements were like just before i went into labour as unlike you i wasn't near my due date so the anticiapation wasn't there.

    The only thing i remember was telling my mum it felt like i was getting my period (so possibily runs as i usually get 'runs' right before and during the first day or so of my period). Of course at the time she laughed and said that was highly unlikely since i was 8mths preg. But i was right, i got my 'period' two days later.

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