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    May 2004

    Public vs Private

    We have just discovered we’re expecting our second baby next March .
    My baby girl was born last November at the Mater Public because I was still serving the waiting period on my health insurance.
    We’re fully covered now so I can have this baby privately.
    I was really happy with Emily’s prenatal care and delivery on the whole. I was especially happy with the midwives who assisted with her birth, they were wonderful. However, she was born at 36.5 weeks and I had gestational diabetes, so I think I’d benefit from being under a specialist this time.
    I’m totally clueless about how this works, but I’m wondering whether those of you who are going private feel that it has been worth it, what problems have you had, how expensive has it been it out of pocket terms (sorry if that’s nosey !) etc.
    I’d really appreciate any feedback or advice. I need to make a decision on this soon.

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    Melinda Guest

    Hi Flea,

    Take a look at this thread, as it discusses some of the things you are interested in.


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    May 2004

    Thanks Melinda!
    I had a feeling this would have been covered before and I did look, but not back far enough #-o !

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..


    A work colleague of mine is preg with her first & hubby is very excited!

    They have full cover & so he wanted her to use the Private system...
    They recently found out (after having paid over a few thousand to their Private OB) that any complications (she has polyps in her lungs that can burst during labour & she could bleed out!) she would be admitted to the nearest Public hospital as the Private hospitals don't cater to specialist care!

    After all of this they are quite annoyed, when it costs them enough money alreafy for Private cover & then the OB fees & all the scans, blood tests etc that they have paid for & when compared to what I have paid to see my OB through Public system they are really P'd off!

    I am not sure of how much the OB fees are, as mine bulk bills most appointments (after 20 wks) but I think all private OB's can charge whatever they like!??

    Best of luck, my friend had Gestational Diabetes with first but not with second & went to full term...