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    Akeesha Guest

    Default Qn for anyone who can help

    Good morning.

    I have probably asked a question similar to this in the past but will ask again as it has cropped up again.

    Yesterday I had a god awful day ( well til about 4:30 when i went out). I was very emotional and feeling very low and vented this to a couple of friends. I got a comment from one that I am wondering whether it has merit or not.

    Basically she said that because bubs is slightly posterior
    (very slightly at last weds appt) that this could be the reason bubs hasnt arrived yet. Because it's not pushing on my cervix enough.

    Can that be true?

    I was sure last time Alan said something about bubs not necessarily having to push on the cervix to begin labour but I wondered since this was the second person to mention somehting similar to me..that I wanted to ask the question again.


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    Hi Lisa - I'm not 100% sure of all of this, but I think I read it somewhere.

    If bubs is not in the optimal position, it can slow/stop labour. I think it has something to do with the hormones that are produced during labour, and is similar to those hormones produced (or not produced) when you are anxious or scared in labour. The human body is a truly amazing thing!!

    I had prelabour for about 2 weeks before delivering my posterior baby (who was actually delivered by forceps in the end cause she wouldn't come down the canal...) and it wasn't your normal run of the mill prelabour. I personally believe i went into labout at least 3 times in the 2 weeks after Jenna was due. I had regular contractions for about 2 hrs, before they disappearec - just as I was thinking about going into hossy.
    Add to that all the other baby contractions and BH, it was a tough few weeks. I do believe that had Jenna been in a regular position, she would have been birthed the first time I went into labour.

    Again when I was in labour, I dilated very quickly (3 hrs or so) and then again labour stopped as she wouldn't come down the canal. I was unable to get into a comfy position or help out after the epi went in, but I laboured for about 3 hrs on all fours, and it made no difference.

    So - I guess I believe that Jennas position affected my labour, and delayed the process, and if I knew then what I know now, I would have been scrubbing the floor and doing everything humanly possible to get her into the right spot.

    The other thing to consider is babies aren't neccessarily cooked at 40 weeks. They take 38-42 weeks to grow, and be ready for labour, so dont get stressed about being late - its bubs way of coming when he/she is ready and cooked.
    Good luck - I hope something happens for you soon


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    Hi Akeesha
    Yes I did say that baby does not need to push on the crvix to start labour. However if baby is pressing on the cervix then labour usually progresses quicker. This is why some OB's Midwives will break your waters.

    A few other things that can help to start labour are:-
    Nipple stimulation.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Thanks for the advice.

    Alan, so that doesnt necessarily mean I am waiting around for induction now because bubs is in that possie?

    I can still go into natural labour at any time?

    I have tried all those methods and more of induction but I have such a stubborn bugger in there I dont know whats going to get it out lol.

    No harm in keeping on trying I guess.

    I dont know how to ob is going to go tomorrow when I am 6 days over but I have a goal in my head at this point. As much as it will kill me to wait..(if i get that far and havent gone into labour already)...I have in my mind that I am giving myself to the 24th of January. If the 24th comes and goes then I will agree to go along with an induction. Hoping the doc is ok with is..and as long as baby is ok of course.

    Thanks for your help guys.

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    LOL Lisa, don't worry, bubs isn't being stubborn - but normal! Anything up to 42 weeks is full term, normal pregnancy. Dates are never spot on and no-one knows exactly when baby is coming except baby.
    Kelly xx

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Lisa

    My bub was posterior and I didn't go into labour naturally.I had to be induced as I went a week overdue.Bub wasn't pressing anywhere near my cervix.I was told afterwards that getting down on your hands and knees for a couple of hours everyday may help, so that bub will move around into the correct position.

    I really hope bub moves around for you as I was induced by gel then had a 23 hour labour which ended in a emergency c/s.I wish I had been more active in labour and had more encouragement to do so as this may have helped Gemma turn and possible have had a natural labour.


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    Hi Lisa

    No hun you are not waiting around for an induction. You could go into labour at any time. Hey for all I know you may be in labour as I type this.

    The idea of getting on your hands and knees for 20 mins a day can help bring baby into a better position.

    I think your having a girl.........She is taking her time putting her makeup on

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    My brother was posterior, and he was born at 37 weeks, so you definately aren't waiting around to be induced!

    Hopefully you are at the hospital having bubs now!

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    Akeesha Guest


    I just wanted to say thanks for the replies guys.

    My update is in the post re my stretch and sweep from today if anyone is interested.

    Alan I laughed when you said about having a girl. You are probably rgiht you know!!

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