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    ( warning long post)

    Iím currently 33 +6 weeks, with bub number 3. Approx 2.5 weeks ago I went into preterm labor with contractions lasting 19 hours, every 2-3 minutes. The hospital had managed to stop them after dosing me with tablets, 2x shots of pethadine, steroids for bubs, anti- nausea drugs, antibiotics, etc. Luckily my cervix did not dilate, therefore I'm still here. That was the day I found out bub is breach. When I was released and an ultrasound examination revealed that my cervix has shortened to1.5cm.

    Since then Iíve been having weekly ultrasounds, and there has been no change to my cervix length. Last weekend, starting Saturday Iíve been getting contractions on and off that start and stop within 30 minutes. I got my husband to do an internal with gloves on, c/s I did not want to go to the hospital again. (Been there already 5 times). He was very careful, and said he could fit his figure in and has room for 2 more figures, we didnít try any further.

    Sunday night, I have a bit of mucus with blood, Itís been coming and going, brown/cream mucus only little bit, and stopped yesterday. Iím assuming this is a show, so Iím not too worried. After talking to a midwife at labor ward, she said if it gets really bloody, or contractions start again, and then come in.

    My question is this; am I in early labor? What does it mean if my cervix is 1.5cm in length? Will my bub come early as a result? My other 2 were 3,5 weeks early; Iím hoping I can make it till then. What can I expect? Any suggestion would be great.

    Thank you.
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    The best sign that you are in labour is that your contractions come and do not stop. You can also read here: [url=] Labour Signs - Could I Be In Early Labour?[/url].
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