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    Hi there,
    My husband are I are planning our first baby and I'm just doing some research into natural birthing options in Brisbane. I will be a private patient, however have heard so many great things about the birthing centre at the Royal Brisbane which I understand is a public service? Am I able to have my own private Ob (we're looking at David Lingard) in the birthing centre? Also, has anyone used Dr Lingard for a natural delivery?

    Thanks for your help everyone!


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    Hi lizzy,

    The birth centre is midwife run, so I'm not sure about having an Ob at the centre. I would have thought not, but I'm not sure.

    Also, its a ballot to get in, which means you have to put your name down as soon as you know you're pregnant, and hope that you get in

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    Ummm, I am fairly sure that they wont have OB's at the birth centre? As the whole point is that it is midwife-patient centered care.
    You have to put your name in a ballot by your 12th week of pregnancy I believe. I think about 400-500 people apply every month, and only 40 are given a place.

    I must say that the care there is fantastic...... it certainly doesn't 'feel' like a public service iykwim? I feel as if I am getting the absolutely best care, attention, support, and nurturing from my two midwifes. I can't recommend it enough, and really feel that all women should have the option of having this type of pregnancy care!

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    Thanks so much for your replies - think I was getting a bit confused about the Ob vs Midwife thing!! Much prefer the thought of being cared for by trained midwives than a clinical Ob!

    Ambah your comments certainly mirror the other fantastic things I've heard about the centre which is great! Fingers crossed when the time comes, I'll be lucky enough to get in! Thanks again. Lxx

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