thread: reasonable expectations of midwives

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    Re the me being like a midwife question - I had dd in a public hospital. The mw only had me to look after and it was back when they were trying to recruit nurses back into public hospitals by doing short retraining courses so I had an additional mw who was coming back to work in her 50s after having her children. She was so fantastic and so supportive in every way, not just doing her job. Long story but I ended up with a c/s under ga right when her shift was ending but she came with me to theatre as dh could not as it was a ga. I remember her being in recovery and she was still at my bed when I woke at 6pm so she had been there 11 hours just for me. I really think she would have a personal connection with lots of her patients.
    That is awesome. Some MW's are really worth their weight in gold.

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    I cant answer any of your questions. But i laboured and birthed an op bub with no pain meds. I was induced and i think that in some ways may have been why bub was that way. If i could do it again il take the pain meds and be more aware of what i could do. Moving around will help so if you can ild give it a try. best of luck hun.

    pls excuse the spelling mistakes on my galaxcy

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    I'm on my phone at the moment so can't give as detailed response as I'd like.

    If you're worried about a posterior labour, forget about the labour for now and start practicing positions to promote OFP now.

    I recommend getting on the Spinning Babies website and reading about what positions you can adopt now in order to get a baby in a good position for birth.

    If you can find an antenatal Doula who has experience in using a Rebozo, that's a step in the right direction.

    As for induction of labour, if anxiety is the reason, induction is not the answers. Working through the cause of you're anxiety is what's going to help.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is try not to preempt a posterior LABOUR and start focusing on a pregnancy that doesn't promote a posterior baby.

    As for the Midwife, our policy is that the midwife is supposed to do an abdo palp every 4 hours to assess fetal position and decent. However, it can often be quite difficult to assess women who are in strong active labour.

    In saying that, as others have said, a good midwife can identify a posterior labour by not even touching the woman.

    I think to avoid any confusion or disappointment, listing in your birth plan your concerns regarding a posterior labour, is the best bet.

    If you do decide to go ahead with the induction, being very clear about this point prior to the induction starting is important.

    Hope that helps some

    Good luck!

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    Maybe you need to get yourself doula? They can be the support you need when you feel out of control etc? Xx

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    reasonable expectations of midwives

    I had two posterior labours and births. I tried everything to turn DD2 with no luck. DD1 12 hr labour with pethedine forceps and episeotomy (sp?) DD2 5 hr labour no drugs, no intervention and although intense it was easier.
    I was really nervous but with the bath, being on all fours and as active as possible seemed to work. Goodluck!

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    Hey hun..

    Both of my babies have been posterior... DS was hard and a traumatic birth - won't go there!! DD however had an awesome MW through the birth centre who helped me through my fears and I read a lot to get my head in a better space had acupuncture .... So DD birth was 2.5 hours, 2 hours labouring well and then the last half hour in the bath believe it or not on my back (but suspended in water - ahhh bliss) when she was born looking up at me - we were all surprised!!! We didn't know she was Posterior (though explains the back pain!!) and she was 9lb2! I had no grazes or tears ....... And yes I am sure this one will posterior too!! But hey I know I can do it again!!

    So I guess what I am trying to say read and ask your mw lots of questions that is what they are there for!! Try get into a good head space- YOU CAN DO THIS HUNNI!!!