thread: Rescue Rememdy for labour?

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    Rescue Rememdy for labour?

    Hi there!

    Has/is anyone using Rescue Rememdy or other Bach or Bush Essential remedies for labour?

    My main problem with my first labour, I believe, is panicking and getting scared of the pain. Well I dont think I'm scared this time but I would like to be able to calm down and rescue remedy's supposed to be great. Has anyone used it before?


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    I did and it definitely worked for me


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    Caz, I used Rescue Remedy when I was in labour with Tehya. Not sure whether it helped or not though. The only problem I did find with though was it gave my heartburn Great thing to get in labour. Another bloody pain.

    In saying that though, I was pretty calm so maybe the Rescue Remedy had something to do with it.

    Take care

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    Jun 2005

    Caz, i have not used it for labour but i did on my wedding day and the few days leading up to it. I found it invaluable in calming me down, it really worked.

    Good luck, not long to go now!!

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    We discussed this in birth class last week and my teacher said that it was fairly split over the use of Rescue Remedy. She feels that it's more of a 'drawing in' energy homeopathic (when you want baby to come out not in!) and better used towards the end of the birth or after it, and there are better homeopathics to use. Always consult a professional homeopath though as they should never be used lightly, especially for pregnancy and birth - some people do get side effects.
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