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Thread: Scared of having to have an induction. What was your experience??

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    My two births were both induced births. DS was due to my waters breaking so I can kinda say I at least went that far myself, then I had antibiotics and syntocin drip. Really only lasted about 8 hours I guess. I had strep B with him and he went into stress a bit as his heart rate was dropping due to the cord around his neck. I only had gas for pain, and was in bed and monitored for the entire labour.

    With DD I was induced after being 14 days over. I was a bit more active, and the labour was definitely more intense. I had gel and syntocin. But just with gas and a few showers, I was pretty good with it and coped well.

    This time I hope to go into labour naturally without the need for induction. Fingers crossed. But if it came to a decision between them for the sake of my health & bubs I would choose induction without hesitation. Goodluck. Jac

    Cheers Jacqui
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    I personally would try to avoid an induction if possible (if there are other means, I'd explore them). I had an horrendous time with being induced with Gabby (just a few days before my EDD) and I'll never be allowing it again.

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    I had a natural birth with my first daughter, spontaneous labour, no pain relief etc, and am definatley hoping for the same with this one. My Ob has said that he will let me go 10 days past my due date, and will then start discussing induction options with me. My sister was induced 4 days after her due date. She had the gel inserted at about 5pm, but after about 5 hours, the CTG kept picking up a drop in his heart rate with each contraction, so they rushed her to theatre, only to find that she had fully dilated in that time (about 10 minutes!!) and she ended up with a spinal block, being unable to feel any contractions to push, in shock and they had to use use a ventouse (sp??) to get him out.

    I am terrified of this happenning to me as I also went into shock (I was her support person) as it all happened so quickly and the dr's were yelling and people were running around. It was a completely different experience to my very gentle, natural birth with my daughter. At the end of the day, I just want my baby to be safe, and delivered healthy, so if that means that I need to be induced, which could lead to other interventions or pain relief, then I would take that over there being ANY chance that my baby could be at risk. Good luck!

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