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    Nicety Guest

    Second Pregnancy

    I was wondering what other womens second pregnancies have been like; Did you go into labour earlier or later than with the first? Was labour shorter than with the first or easier at all :?:

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    Jun 2003

    Good question, I would love to know this too for when it happens LOL! I know statistics say that each birth halves in time, but I am sure thats not the case for *everyone* And what about sizes?? Did bubs get bigger or smaller or about the same?

    I am sure a few mummies that are pg with #2 would find this interesting also

    Just do me one favour...even if its a lie...tell me it gets easier LOL! Ok I can delude myself can't I?


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    I will fill you in during April sometime LOL


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    Karyne Guest

    Ok here goes........

    Birth 1 - 23 hour labour with emergency c/s. 10 days overdue. 9lb 8oz

    Birth 2 - 12 hours with natural delivery. 5 days overdue. I found that the pain wasnt as intense or maybe it was just that I knew what it was and coped better. Also she was smaller (8lb 6oz) which helped for me.

    Birth 3 - 6 hours with natural delivery. 14 days overdue. 9lb 8 1/2oz

    So my labours actually halved each time but they were all very different. I still had pain relief with all of them. And as you can see I was late with all of them.

    I don't think there is any way of knowing whether you will go into labour early or late or how the labour will progress. Because basically anything can happen. My advice is to try not to worry about it and go with the flow. All you need to be concerned about is having a healthy baby at the end and it doesnt matter how they come out or how well you coped with labour or even how many drugs you decided to have.

    Hope that helps.

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    JC Guest

    Second baby

    Hi there,

    I have recently had my second baby - after a long 12yr gap. I thought my body may have forgotten that it had done this before but alas..while the second pregnancy was a little more uncomfortable, with many of the common complaints, the labour was much easier and quicker the 2nd time around - 3.5hrs from start to finish compared to 18hrs start to finish for the first. My second was a much larger baby at 8lb 8oz and 3 days overdue. The first 7lb 1oz and 2 weeks early.

    Good luck..

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003

    hi JC welcome to bellybelly
    im not pregnant but i saw u were new so thought id say hi

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    becstar Guest

    1st - 14 hours - 8lb 12 oz, 2 days early

    2nd - 5 hours - 10lb 5 oz, week overdue

    3rd - 40 minutes - 9lb 14 oz, one week early

    I think they get quicker each birth. I think I will have to live at the hospital with number 4.


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    Jun 2003

    LOL Becstar, 40 minutes OMG! I would be moving in at 36 weeks LOL just in case!


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    becstar Guest

    Hi Cailin

    Yes, 40 minutes from first contraction to holding DS in my arms. My husband missed it as the midwife told him it would be ages yet and sent him home. It was lucky that I was already in the hospital waiting for an induction or my husband would have had to deliver it on the way there.


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    Orkids Guest

    Wow - 40 minutes!! Like you say - you were lucky to be in the hospital!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    I wish I could go that quickly! I am jealous!

    I actually thought that my 3rd would be super quick instead I had to be induced 9 days late. Admittedly I only went 1 1/2 hrs after my waters were broken but I had contractions from 9 am through till 6pm when the waters were broken.

    My 1st was 10 days late, gas only, about 5 1/2 hrs in hospital, but contractions all day long. She was 6lb 13oz.

    The 2nd was 7 days late, no pain relief, about 6 hrs in hospital, but again all day contractions. He was 7lb 8oz.

    The first and 2nd were much the same pain wise and time wise, almost a repeat actually. Although I got through without pain relief

    The 3rd was heaps more painful, due to the induction and the breaking of my waters brought everything on really fast. I had no pain relief with this birth either, I just use breathing to control pain. My 3rd child was 8lb 4.5 oz. I am so hoping baby 4 is smaller, bc I am not quite 5ft tall and not very big stature wise, I definetly don't need a 9lb baby. So fingers crossed.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Well my 2nd labour went for 4hrs and 6mins so it was actually longer than my first.

    Love :smt049

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    Emma - Assisted natural delivery - induced one week early due to high BP - epidural and vacuum extraction - 9lbs 7ozs 54cms

    Jack - 13 1/2 hours labour - epidural - induced one week early due to high BP - emergency c-setion - 9lbs 8 1/2 ozs 57cms

    Asha - Elective c-section - 5 days early - 7lbs 48cms (different Dad!!)


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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2003

    Now that Iam pregnant with child number two ,I also find this question interesting. For all of those mums that have gone on to have 2 or more children how did you find your successive labours/birth to be?
    Ive heard they can go quite quickly? what are other peoples experiences

    take care

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    Breastfeeding mummy extraordinaire

    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    With my first I got to the hospital and was already 7cm dilated, the midwife then broke my waters, don't know why as I'm guessing they wouldn't have been far off breaking anyway. I had a little gas but that just make be want to throw up. Joel was born after around 3 hours of labour, 8lb 6oz (3780gm) 3 days late.

    With my second son I was 7.5cm dilated when I got the birth centre, I din't even realise that I had been in labour so that was a good thing. No drugs, posterior baby and was born after roughly 1.5 hours labour. He was 1 week early and weighed 8pound 6 (3785gm) too. Not much difference in weight at all.

    Third bub was a planned c section ( i refuse to call it ellective as I wasn't given a choice) so I had no labour. He was born 9 days early and weighed 8lb 1oz (3700gm) I'm sure if he had stayed in there the extra 9 days he would've been as big as the other boys.

    Stay tuned and I will be able to update this again soon. Hopefully. Not sure that I really want this labour to be any shorter than my first. I need time to set everything up

    Take care