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    i have been getting sharp pains in my lower pelvic area on and off since last night that can leave me absolutly breathless,have not experienced this before during this prg or my previous pregnancies,do you think they could be a going in for a c/section this thursday and was wondering if she may come earlier.last ob visit was 5 days ago and babys head was still mobile?

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    Hi Nikki - I've been getting these for over a week now, and my midwife said it's because the head is almost fully engaged. It can still take a few weeks though... I've read however that in subsequent pregs the head doesn't usually engage until birth, so I'm not sure what this means for you??? :-s

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    It is probably things starting to stretch the last few weeks/days before labour begins this happens, your cervix starts to shorten, your pelvis widens, even your giny bits change (sorry if TMI)!
    I would keep an eye out for things starting. You know that white discharge TMI alert again, sorry)? Is it still thick and cramy or is it changing to a thinner consistency? Before it all starts, this will become thinner and opaque to clear in colour, that is a REAL sign that your body is starting to do things.

    Hope this helps, whatever happens, don't stress. If the worst comes to the worst, they will caesar you when labour begins.

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