I can share both a proffesional and personal experience that may help.
During my labours i also found my glasses extremely annoying during labour especially if you use the gas through a mask or have a facewasher on your forehead or require extra oxygen. its just another thing to get on your goat. During my previous two deliveries i used ciba day and night lenses. There are a multitude or day and night/monthly lenses on the market now in many different fitting and they are also available for the astigmatic patient. These lenses though do need time and patience with wear though to establish fit and comfort. Also they arent suitable for some people who suffer from extreme dry eye or need a more oxygen permeable lens; and there are solutions for those people two. I just loved the fact that i can see clearly,sharply and not having to worry about my glasses getting in my or any one elses way. The feeling of a long sleep or even a nap and being able to rollover and see is something people without visual problems take for granted-but with the blessing of contacts its something we can have once again. I cannot stress enough though do not buy lenses without having them fitted by an optometrist. The consequences are dire.