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    Wilson Guest

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    How much do you usually get when you get your show? Does it differ?
    I just went to the loo and wiped and there was a bit of coloured pinkish mucus but it wasn't a lot...would this be a small show or something else?


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    It sounds like a show to me. You might find [url=]this poll[/url] about losing your show intresting.

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    Wilson Guest



    Had a look at the poll, very interesting!

    Will just see if anything else comes along in the next day or three..

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    Sounds exciting, Sarah.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like it could be your show. Good luck.

    With Nicholas I had a bit of red blood/mucous on the toilet paper in the morning and that night I started getting contractions.

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    Wilson Guest


    Thanks for your replies, i haven't had anymore since though so not sure, will wait and see!

    Hopefully not to much longer though

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