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Thread: sil pregnant and only wants c/s

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    I think being at least a little aprehensive about the potential pain of labour is reasonably normal and I guess I don't know if this sil of yours was already clear with everyone that she was going to have an elective CS before she got pregnant or what, but I personally would consider her reaction of wanting to abort a fetus to avoid having to give birth a little bizzarre to say the least IMHO.

    I have a friend who was pregnant with number 3 when baby number 2 was only 11 months old and the eldest had just turned 2 and she and her man were talking about it being just too hard to have a 3rd so soon and how they were going to abort and try again in a few years and then she had a miscarriage and was devestated, even though she had already booked the termination. It's hard to know exactly what's going through her head and we just have to remember that everyone reacts to their own and others situations in a different way and as stupid or irrational as we might think they are, we have to accept that something like this is very personal and different for everyone.

    I'm one of those frightfully lucky women who never got pregnant in more than a decade on contraception and then fell pregnant on the 1st cycle of trying so I can't really put myself in the shoes of someone who has been trying for years but I do sympathise with anyone put in that kind of position, either TTC and not being able to or having to anguish over a termination.

    Page, from your description of her, perhaps it will in the long term be a good thing for your sil to not have kids. That might sound harsh but my auntie and her husband decided not to have kids and then made an unfruitful last minute attempt (much like your sil) and in everyone's opinion it's really for the best they never had kids. She's all irrational, psychologically screwed up and has the worst self esteem ever and he's a lazy, red wine loving, chain smoking sleezebag. Sometimes things happen or don't happen for a reason and it's all good for the grand scheme.

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    Furthermore, termination is a highly sensitive issue and we should ensure that we choose our words carefully before posting about such issues.

    People should find out these things before Getting pregnant

    I completly agree Caro

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