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Thread: a slight freak out

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    Default a slight freak out


    just a bit freaked out....

    after three days and nights straight of regular cramping that hasn't gone anywhere.... have losing m mucous plug over the last day.... i've been getting very impatient for this baby to arrive.

    this morning I did a bit of nipple stimulation and DTD and then half an hour later I thought I was wetting myself.....

    but had some waters leak out.

    it wasn't very much though.

    rang the midwife... she's on her way over.

    the water was a dark yellowy green colour.

    starting to worry.

    but it wasn't brown or black in any way..... and it wasn't very much

    should i freak out?!?!?

    the cramps have stopped.

    baby hasn't moved much since in the night.

    midwife should be here with in half hour or so.....

    DH is just dropping my mum into the city.... I didn't tell her about the waters... thought she'd like to get out of the house (she's been a house work machine since she arrived a week ago) and I think it might be easier to start labour without her here and then call her home for the birth part.

    DH will be back in a few minutes.

    freaking out.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Don't freak out!The midwife will be there soon to put your mind at ease.Stay calm hun and concentrate on that bub!

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    Please don't worry, although anxiety at this stage is completely normal. Bubs have probably slowed down to get ready for birth. When your midwife arrives I'm sure she will tell you everything is just fine. Just having her there will be very reassuring for you. Good luck - next you're on here you'll probably be a Mummy!!

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    Sal Guest


    Hi Laura, I posted in the Jan thread. Don't freak out, all is OK with bub and the midwife is on the way. You'll both be fine.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Oooh I hope you have your little bubba by now Can't wait to hear how you have gone Laura.

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    Am thinking of you Laura... I hope everything has gone well for you, and you have your little one in your arms!

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    Hope all is going well Laura and that your sweet little bubba is in your arms. Sending you loving vibes.

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    Ditto what everyone else said, but I just want you to know I had mec. in the waters with Paris and I freaked too! I think if it were to happen this time around I wouldn't worry but its so hard with your first I know.

    I really hope you have your little bubby now and if not they are well on their way!


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