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Thread: Sterile water injections for back pain - anyone done it?

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    Default Sterile water injections for back pain - anyone done it?

    I would like to have a quick chat to those who have had SWI done during labour! Has anyone had them?

    Kelly xx

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    Havent had them but have given them on many woman and all have instant and amazing relief!!!!!! I LOVE THEM they work miracles

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    Yes I had them. Didn't work and the pain from them was awful. I had a OP labour, spine on spine.

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    A friend had them and said they hurt a lot and did nothing BUT her midwife had suggested them before pethidine and her hubby had reminded her that she'd wanted to go natural and she says she basically took them because she wanted Dh to see she'd "tried" natural and so she could have the pethidine. She ended up with epidural/pitocin drip/DTA/high forceps delivery

    They talked a lot about them before my birth as an option but a far as i know we didn't even have the sterile water in the flat, and they offered nothing before entonox.


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    I was told by the midwife that they work in 100% of cases. Mind you, at this stage I was 8cm, 13 hours of a back labour, hadn't slept for over 24 hours and had had no drugs. I was pretty much delirious and screaming in pain constantly as it was a constant contraction.

    After they ddin't work, I had gas. I passed out from the pain a few times toward the end, I truly wish those needles worked, but all they did was give me quite a bit more pain and I was left with bruising in my back where all four needles went.

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    Read about them after i saw this thread the first time...
    Forgot about them...
    Biggest light bulb went on when my midwife offered them!!!

    I'll honestly admit, i think they were almost the most painful part of my labour, they stung like all hell and i squealed like a flippin' banshee, but for me, they worked absolute wonders.

    I had been in labour for 15 & 1/2 hours and only had 2 hours sleep the previous night - due to the nature of pain with my contractions i could not sit, lie, use a fit ball, lean on all fours... nothing seemed to work to any advantage - i was hanging onto the highest railings in the shower area and, quite frankly, screaming & swearing my way through my contractions.

    The injections were abso-freaking-lutely amazing. I'm serious, they hurt, but i was handling my contractions, SILENTLY and by MYSELF afterwards (i only capitalize as i was very loud ). It was the only time during my labour I told DF to get lost because i needed time to myself.

    Unfortunately it only worked for about forty minutes because once i started feeling like i needed to push it didn't help... but for those forty minutes i was *content*.

    Kelly - that article you have up about them & about needing to break pain barriers etc is invaluable information for anyone thinking about them.

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