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    Mar 2004


    I'm a tiny bit worried about my stitches. I had an episiotomy which was stitched up. I was told thet the stitches would itch for a while but three weeks later they are still a bit itchy at times. Is this normal or should I be rushing off to my Dr? Does anyone know how long they usually take to heal.

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    Hi Dachlostar

    In my first pregnancy. mine were still annoying me for a good 6wks. I had one stitch driving me insane and I ended up pulling it out.


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I had a number of stitches, internal & external...
    I have a hard scar tissue lump of flesh just outside the um... hole (sorry if TMI). I have asked about it as when we have a longer it seems to be like a graze on the area, like friction burn's about the size of a frozen pea, but I have been told it's normal for these external/internal scars to become a bit harder & also slightly tender...
    I hope that makes sense & is not TMI!!!!

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    kelstar78 Guest

    My "outside" stiches disolved after about 10 days but 7 weeks later I am still losing my "inside" stitches. I also have scar tissue that is slowly starting to become more comfortable but I still have discomfort, especially when I sit on the loo. I didn't realise that it would be like this! Hang in there...

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    Marcia Guest

    I couldn't tell you exactly how long it took for my stitches to dissolve, but general healing of the area is taking a long time for me too. I had a rather large episiotomy and a very long second stage of labour, so I'm sure that doesn't help, but I had pain around my scar for at least 3 months after the birth which gradually improved from hurting all the time, to just when sitting down and now not at all. But the scar is still quite tender now, 18 weeks later, and causes me quite a bit of discomfort when . I also didn't expect it to be like this and was worried that it wasn't healing properly, but according to my Dr this is normal. I don't think there can be TMI shared on this topic, because it is one of those things that no-one tells you, and you expect it to be ok after the standard 6 weeks all the books tell you about LOL! It's not nice, but I wish I had been prepared for it anyway. HTH