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Thread: Stretch & Sweep....what exactly happens?

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    Default Stretch & Sweep....what exactly happens?

    Hi I have my 39wk checkup today and the midwife has suggested doing a stretch & sweep today....what exactly do they do? Does it start labour straight away or just get you closer or what?

    Anyone had good/bad experiences with this?


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    Hi ,
    I had this done a few times towards the end of my pregnancy. It didnt start the labour off at all but did cause some pain. While the doc did the stretch and sweep - I found it really painful but I have heard other ladies say that it did not hurt at all.
    I guess it all depends on how you are feeling and the doctor.

    Good luck - hope it goes well for you.

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    The midwife did this to me when I was getting my internal after being induced with gel. I was already having contractions about 4-6 mins apart, and she did this to get things moving. OMG - it sure did!!! I bled a little from it (so if you are getting one done go armed with pads) and it immediately set off the contractions about 2-3 mins apart.

    This was probably because I was in the early stages of labour though - I think if you aren't quite ready, it might help to move things along, but end up doing nothing.

    If you are at 39 weeks - I'd suggest taking ALL the help someone can offer you to get things movnig!! Good luck

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