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    I want to try for a natural labor. Would using a tens machine still be considered me having a natural labor?

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    tens is considered fine for a natural labour. I used it and it helps when labour pain is in the back, but as most of mine was in my thighs, it was only partially helpful; however it did give me something to hold on to and concentrate on. it/s mostly useful earlier on in labour, not so much towards the end. i would get one again just in case it helps heaps!!!

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    I used the tens machine from very early labour onwards and as the contractions got very strong I decided I wanted to try the bath for pain releif as it wasn't enough on it's own. I had to take the tens off to get in the bath.
    I honestly think if it wasn't for the tens getting me through the majority of my labour I may have had to ask for some drugs as I was thinking in my head I want something - then it was time to push.

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