thread: For those who had SPD/severe pelvic pain during pregnancy

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    Dec 2009

    For those who had SPD/severe pelvic pain during pregnancy

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    For those of you who suffered from SPD or severe pelvic pain during your pregnancy, how long did it take you (if at all) to feel normal again?

    Mine started at 18 weeks, I'm now 33 weeks and I am getting depressed at the thought that I will NEVER be rid of this. I've gone from a quite active person, going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week, walking every day... to not being able to do ANYTHING!!!!

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    Hi mate,
    I didn't have SPD but had an unstable pelvis through my second pregnancy which was helped with a support belt.
    I'm no expert, but I would think it's likely to hang around until after the birth. I can well imagine how depressing it would be for an active person such as yourself to have to take it easy. Do you go to a physio regularly? They may be able to recommend an exercise program for you. Pilates is BRILLIANT for core strengthening which will be really helpful to you in your recovery post-birth and is a great treatment for mechanical back pain (which may or may not be a problem for you in time to come in association with your unstable pelvis).
    Chronic pain can be very depressing, however you can rest assured that your pain is to do with your pregnancy and all going well will come to an end once your baby is out. GL with everything.

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    Dec 2006

    Big Hugs Zinnia, I was in the same situation last pregnancy. I was on crutches at one stage, but I was able to have a VBAC just using the gas. The pain eased up pretty quickly, I was fine by the time I got out of hospital after four days, my stitches bothered me more. I haven't had any signs of it this time, not sure why as I had it with both girls. Inbetween pregnancies there was no sign of it.

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    Hi Zinnia, I have had SPD/pelvic instability in both of my previous pg's and I'm experiencing it again in this pg. After the birth of my two kiddies I found a marked improvement in the first few weeks, but in all honesty it was a good 12 months before I could say I was pain-free. I was generally ok, but then I would move the wrong way and the pain would 'catch' me IYKWIM. I started exercising gently (swimming/walking) about 6 to 8 weeks after delivery and that seemed ok as long as I didn't push too hard and I was careful about not spreading my legs laterally (scissor movement was ok) no squats, breaststroke etc. I think losing the weight I gained in each pg helped and it also made me feel better about my body.

    The pain will get better, a lot of women seem to experience a rapid improvement after delivery and you might be one of the lucky ones! Listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard. There is a new SPD sticky thread around here, but I don't know how to link it???

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    Sep 2008

    Had psd with #3, couldn't walk, sleep, sit or do anything without lots of pain. Slept with about 4 pillows and was woken by pain every 15 mins or so and changed position. It took me 20 mins to gt from th shower to the car when in labour, then again ages to get into the hospital foyer.

    On the hospital bed was horrible, I sat and flt okay with my legs apart but at one stage was told to get on my side (someone thought that a good idea) I just screamed and yelled and couldn't feel anything except what felt like one long ctx.

    My 9lb bub came out and after a few stitches I had a shower and realised that I had gotten off the bed and walked to the shower relatively pain free, I alos walked out of hospital and drove home comfortably.

    Apart from a few moments of 'stiffness' in the following weeks I was back to normal.


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    mine started at 16 weeks with DS, I ended up not being able to sit, stand, lay, drive the car...nothing. They ended up inducing me at 38 weeks because I just couldn't bear the pain anymore. The pain did ease after giving birth but I was still in chronic pain for at least 12 months afterwards...

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    18 months post-birth before I was pain-free BUT I put that long recovery down to the labour I had.

    Basically you need to make sure you birth in a pelvis-friendly position and don't let the pushing stage go on for too long. Mine was worst case scenario - knees held back against shoulders, pushing for 2.5 hours, nothing happening followed by forceps.

    So, be cautious. Don't fall for the platitudes that it will all go away after the birth. If you have a relatively 'easy' birth, chances are it will. But make sure you read up on what positions are good for you.

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    I had a c/s, and my spd persisted for some time afterwards. I did physio for a few months from about 6 months onwards. I didn't have a lot of pain at that stage, but it was more of a chronic low-level thing and it was still limiting my activity. In hindsight I believe a contributing factor was my severe Vit D deficiency, because until I got that sorted out I would still (even 2+ years later) have problems if I overdid things (start to waddle again), plus I shrank 2+ cms since before my pg.

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    I suffered badly from about 20 weeks until I gave birth. BUT, as soon as I went into labour, all the pelvic and groin pain stopped (and they were replaced with contractions PMSL!). It really was like a miracle, I couldn't believe it. Just hours before my contractions started (around 6am), I had struggled to walk to the toilet, had hung onto the furniture and the walls to get there, like many other nights. Once things got started, I could walk normally all of a sudden (well, inbetween contractions that was!).

    I was pain free until a few months ago (DD is 10 months now) when I started getting hip problems again. I finally got off my butt and saw my physio (who treated me while pregnant) and thankfully it turned out to be all muscular so after a few treatments and joining her pilates class (I'm doing my third session today - it's brilliant), I'm pain free again.

    Hang in there, I know it's tough though. Hopefully you'll be pain free soon.

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    Couple of months after the birth.

    I felt good for a while, then it comes and goes still. I don't think I'll ever be normal again and you really have to change the way you go about doing things. There is no reason why you can't be as active as you were before you had a baby, just need to be wary of doing silly things like carrying an over full washing basket or a wonky trolley in an uneven carpark.

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    Straight after birth, the Pelvic Instability was gone, it was wonderful except I was still walking very slowly as I was recovering from two tears and an episiotmy