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Thread: Time of day for BH vs Time of day for the beginning of labour

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    Default Time of day for BH vs Time of day for the beginning of labour

    I have a theory, but I dont know how correct it is until I ask what your experience was.

    With DD1 most of my BH were during the day. I started early labour around lunch time, and was established at about 5pm, around the times that I would have been having BH normally for that pg.

    With DD2 most of my BH were at night. My labour was established at about 11pm.

    This time most of BH are in the evening again, so considering the pattern I have noticed, is it more likely that I will be in labour at night?

    So what I want to know is what time of the day were your BH mostly, and what time of the day did you go into established labour.

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    I was the opposite. With Nina BH wre mostly at night, and I laboured during the day. With Emily, BH were during the day, and I laboured at night.

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    Now that I think about it, my BH were mainly in the afternoon, and thats when I laboured and DD was born by the evening.


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