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    Just another question re my letter from the doctor; He states that because I had laboured for 12 hours and my baby's head had not engaged my uterus was tireder than usual and if I had not had the c/s my uterus could have ruptured. I assume he is using this as a reason for having the c/s and then the following complications, but again I feel this is a cop-out, and my question is, is your uterus really that tired after 12 hours, when many women labour alot longer?

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    I guess it depends on many different factors (ie fitness, pre-existing illness, strangth of uterus etc...) A ruptured uterus can ruin your chances of having kids in the future (not to mention put your baby's life in danger also) so I think that's why OBs tend to err on the side of caution.

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    It sounds yucky! I hope someone can give you some more information,but I think you may be after a second medical opinion to be honest.
    I know my SIL's c/s scar was about to rupture when they performed her third c/s on her at 32 w (she was extremely high risk and had had 2 late stillborns) and her uterus is in a terrible state. Apparently its that of a 40yo, and she was only 24 at the time.
    But as for the actual uterus - well I dont know? I guess its like any other organ in the body that could have strengths and weaknesses, but I dont know how he would have been able to tell that before getting in and looking.
    I hope someone can give you the info you need.

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    Tired uterus?
    Have to say I have never heard that one before.
    I agree with you, many women labour alot longer than 12 hours....and ummm...isn't that what its made for?
    Sorry I'm not much help but had to agree with you that it sounds weird to me too

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    Hi I posted a thread just before about a story in the latest mother and baby mag about a poor woman who had lost her baby due to uterine rupture and apparently the babys head had tried to come through the scar??? POOR LADY.

    But my question was is it true about the c/s scars, I remember whilst being restitched after my c/s four months ago that they were doing the internal disolvable stitches they kept saying "oh that ones pulled through, Oh and again, this is so thin" etc... then my OBGYN said in some areas it was like paper etc... so I too was wondering the c/s rate for worn out uteruses LOL.....
    It would be awful to loose a perfect baby in utero due to VBAC....


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