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    tmi warning...

    this is bit of a weird question but considering birth is pretty close I was just wondering if there was a preference between shaving or not your down theres when giving birth, a few of my friends have a said afterwards it was a lot easier to care for stitches ect and the others have said they didnt want to look like porn stars, do doctors/midwives prefer one or the other? or is it more just a personal preference thing?

    currently overdue 7 days!!

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    Amanda I'm sure alot of us have thought about this before labour!! I was advised by friends who were nurses to have a brazillian wax a week beforehand...but I wasn't game enough & just a good trim 8-[

    Here is an article on the main site about waxing for labour

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    I *wanted* to shave/wax down there... but #1. I didn't have the balls to go out and get a proper wax done by someone else... and #2. I couldn't reach!! 8-[

    I'm sure the Dr's and midwives have seen it all... but still I have to wonder if they were shocked by my wild and woolly resemblance to Hairy Maclary :-k 8-[

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    I'm sure Obs/Midwives have seen them all I didn't do anything for my first, booked in for a wax with my second then went into labour early, a day or two before my wax was booked! So missed the boat but I LOVE the feeling after a wax - no matter if it's for birth or not, I definitely feel trimmed, groomed and cleaner... bizarre and difficult to explain but well worth it
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    Mandimoo Guest

    Thanks for the replies, i usually have a wax done but "let myself go" while being pregnant, think i might just tidy up a bit down there for the big event... O

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    mizzsocial Guest

    DONT SHAVE!!!!! coz then it gets all itchy when growing back, and you dont want to be sore and itchy at the same time!!!!

    A good trim is a good idea!!

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    Feb 2005
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    Through my pregnancy I've been getting regular bikini waxes, but then at 31 weeks I got a XX (leaves a "landing strip" but takes hair from around the sensitive areas...) It felt great afterwards even though it was extra sensitive at the time. I'm booked in for another at 38 weeks so I'll be nice and smooth for after birth. I don't want to be putting up with itchy regrowth and stiches at the same time!! Also - I've been told it's easier to keep clean down there when you're messy after birth. 8-[

    Just be careful though if you haven't been waxed before - now may not be the time to start as you are extra sensitive and it may scar. #-o

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    I was shaved by the obstetrician (or somebody in the operating theatre) in preparation for the c-section incision. I assumed that was done as a matter of course. It made it easier to remove the adhesive water-proof bandage later.

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    Sep 2005

    I've been totally bald for all three of my births and plan on it again for this one, I keep up the maintence thru out the pg. It does make it easier to look after, after the birth

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    i couldnt shave atm, just couldnt see what i am doing, but think i will just have a trim too. i agree that being waxed would make it easier with cleaning up etc, but i am just not that brave..... 8-[

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    Funny but after 4 births I must admit that was the last thing I was worried about. I was amazed when I really could have a good look how woolly it was but I really didn't get too concerned. I am not a waxer though, always been a bit nervous about all that! So I shave and wouldn't want to do it too close to birth and have the itch I must say!

    Cheers michelle