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    What is a transverse delivery?
    How is it caused?


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    As far as I can remember transverse is when the baby is rotating to fit through the pelvis & sometimes they either get stuck, or come through sideways instead of finishing the rotation? Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong When I was in labour Matilda was stuck in transverse for 6 hours, which is why I wound up with a caesarean as she wasn't going to come out that way... So I think the term transverse is identifying that the baby is halfway through the rotation they go through when coming through the pelvis. HTH!

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    I thought transverse lie is when the baby is perpendicular (ie head and bum at the sides of your belly) rather than head down or bum down etc.

    Not really sure though - I know that this little tacker is transverse most of the time atm.

    Sorry I can't help much!

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    Just did a Google search - transverse presentation is when the baby is lying perpendicular to the pelvis.

    The only way they can deliver is by ceasar.

    But it said also that the baby can still turn up to a few weeks before the birth.

    Naughty Matilda hey Christie!!!

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    I had twins where no 2 was transverse, right up to 5 minutes before she was delivered!! But with twins this can happen, she had room once bub #1 was out of the way. Transverse is definately horizontal!!