thread: Videoing the birth??

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    Videoing the birth??

    I am not comfortable with people looking at my body so in labour I want my bestie there but at my head end. I really want a video of the birth but don't actually want anyone standing THERE.(like family,friends etc...) Do hospitals offer this option at all? I'm booked in the canberra hospital.
    But I don't feel comfortable asking anyone & I only wanted the video for me to look at (& maybe bub when older)
    Can anyone help? please?

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    Hi Jackie

    I had both my sons births videoed. What we did with the 2nd time around was set up the video recorder on the tripod and let it run in the corner of the room. you soon forget it is there.

    Unfortunately for the 2nd birth they turned on the really bright lights in the labour suite when we requested not too and it over exposed the video so when it was played back you couldn't see much, but they had to turn them on cause i was close to an emergency c-section, and they needed to see what was going on.

    Love :smt049

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    gawd, I don't think I could watch myself give birth.. I don't think I ever want to know what it looked like

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    LOL my doctor brought the mirror over when the head was crowning, then told me to open my eyes. Apparently all I said was "yuck" and promptly closed them again. John tells me the Dr's face was a picture! While he and the midwives burst out laughing. Goes without saying that I won't have a video of any births haha.


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    lol, Jo! Yeah, I think I'd be the same. I wouldn't mind feeling the head crown, but definitely don't want to see it. There is a piccie in my book (that Scandi one with the amazing u/s pictures) shot from above the bed, with the baby's head coming out between the woman's legs and it just looks so... wrong? How can that possibly fit? uah! scary! I always have to skip that page..

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    LOL Jo. I had the opportunity to have a look with a mirror and there was no way I was looking down there. I saw a the video that they show at the hospital of a woman giving birth and I just cringed and said there was no way I was seeing what was happening there!!

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    I was soooo grossed out at the thought too during my pregnancy with Marisa, but I actually did say yes when they asked me, I didn't even think about it... I was all funny about looking but after all I had been through already, I thought, what worse could it be?!

    I am glad I did in the end, not for everyone, but it was amazing watching it. I freaked out a little bit, as you know they go back in with contractions and back out, I was like, 'OooOooh no am I squashing her head, it looks squashed????' LMAO... I was soooo on another planet but glad I ignored my first instinct not to look LOL!!!
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    I was the same Kelly!! Before labour I was positive that I would not want to look, and should just concentrate on pushing. But when the time actually came and the midwife offered me a look in the mirror, - I looked! I think I wanted to see the results of my efforts, and it was truly amazing - and just gave me more motivation to push harder!!!

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    Thats a great way of looking at it!! After seeing so many animals give birth I didn't want a video but I did want a mirror... but in the c-section I saw some things in the reflection of the light and asked them to move it quickly or I was jumping off the table...LMAO!!!

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    i think i'd like anthony to video the birth, but not down there, like him standing up near my face and filming my expressions, I was asked to feel the head with josh but all i said was " NO!! just hurry up and get the thing outta me!!!!" but i think this time if i was offered i would like to feel it and maybe see with a mirror..


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    The videos that we were shown had to be years & years old, they were soooooo funny with all that huffing & puffing my class were all smirking over them. I don't think there was one person there who took it all serious! I know it's all natural and that, but it all seems a little barbaric!! I mean, like HOW!!!!


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    as this is no. 6 and probably our last, im hoping to tape it. we wanted to last time but due to complications and our recordest having to leave there was no one left to do it. my dh went to pick up the camera but i wouldnt let him go for all the world! make sure you have someone alse to do the job!
    we always take as many photos as pos'. for our first birth my mum took photos all the way through and it sounds gross i know but it helped me deal with the shock of what i'd just been through and as i tore so badly it helped me realise that my dd was posterier. emotionally it just answered alot of questions and allowed me to heal. they now use them at our local hos' for anti-natal classes! ( you cant see my face of course!)
    make the most of this special time. dont be left wishing you had.