Oooooh, I'm loving thread bumping too.

My first due date, the 31st of Jan, I knew I wasn't going to hit so I went on as normal. Went into pre-labour at a girlfriend's house; she thought I was going to deliver my baby right then and there!

My second due date, the 3rd of Feb, I was a bit more excited but didn't really expect anything. However, I started pre-labour on the 31st so was a bit more twitchy.

The 11th of Feb (Sunday), when I thought I was going to have a baby, I was ready for DS to come out (as was BiL, who kept phoning all weekend to see if we'd had the baby yet!). I was a bit miffed he didn't and even went to the hospital because I thought it could be labour et cetera. I did go into labour 7am the next day and was pretty releived about that!

So really, although I had a lot of false labour and pre-labour, I was only a day late going into labour from what I thought. I didn't nest at all. But did do loads of long walks with DH (he tired before me), drives, all the natural induction crap that doesn't work... I also had a due month, just told everyone February and that was that. My mother told everyone the 10th of Feb (that was her due date with me no other reason as I didn't give her a date), which is my cousin's birthday, so his mum was pushing for a Jan birthday for DS!