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Thread: What to take to hospital

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    Default What to take to hospital

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread about what to take to the hosp for you and the baby?


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    A clean light dressing gown for wondering the ward ..... (dont do a me and realise the dressing gown was disgusting and needed a well deserved wash... alas it didnt last long out of the bag
    Heaps of 'huge' undies for post birth..... due to the pad and bleeding post birth.
    A good well fitting nursing bra ....
    Some girl stuff for the shower post birth...
    Forget about jeans ... chuck in 'trackies' type of things and tops to either come home in and or stay at hospital in (as if you need stitches umm jeans arent a good idea IMO )

    Hair ties ....

    Baby: bunny rugs/ cotten sheets to swaddle in
    a few 000 growth suits , a hat (to keep his body temp warm) NAPPIES

    I cant think of anything else so i hope that helps

    Oh dont forget to drink and eat and tell you DH the same

    When are you due ?

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    here's one. If you google you'll find lots of lists.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I am due in a couple of weeks.

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