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    Sep 2004
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    What to wear...

    Hi Girls!!!

    This might sound like a silly question, but having never had a baby or stayed in hospital after having one, I was wondering what to plan for in terms of clothing...

    I guess for labour a nightie would be the go...I know they recommend skin to skin contact with bubs once they're born...is this awkward in a nightie? Would it be better to get something that buttons up?

    As for the hospital ward...I know you'd have to be aware of all that bleeding and discharge that happens after the birth, and that the nurses need to check you out down there from time to time, and then there's breastfeeding - so you'd want to have easy access to the milk bar...

    I was thinking of getting just a couple of pairs of big mens flannel Jarmies (May baby)....

    Did you also find you needed "normal" non PJ type clothes for when you had visitors or during the day???

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    Hi Juliette.

    During labour i wore a hospital gown. Why get your own nighties messed up is my theory. i was never fully naked during birth always had that gown on.

    As for visitors etc. I got dressed each morning with Lachlan (had shirts that could be unbuttoned or lifted up the t-shirt, but with Kameron I got some nice nighties that could be unbuttoned for feeding purposes and was in the nighties all the time


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    Mar 2004

    I wore the hospital gown for labour too but I felt much less like a patient the second I put my own clothes on so maybe there is something to be said for wearing your own cloths. While I was in the ante-natal ward and afterwards I mainly wore tracky pants and maternity tops. Wearing PJs during the day makes me feel like an invalid.
    I took a few of those 3 packs of granny nickers that you can buy in supermarkets with me so that I wouldn't ruin any of my normal nickers.

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    Aug 2004

    i am having a c/s so i will be in a gown on the day and maybe day after. After that I am taking two pairs of trackie dacks that have a big soft band that can be folded down or worn high so they wont interfere with my wound (that sounds gross) and some oversized bonds t'shirts. i hate being in pyjamas when people are coming to visit me, i feel too slobby.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I had a t-shirt on when I delivered Maddy... Not sure wher, when or how my pants were removed :-k :-k .... OOPS!?
    As for the days I showered early & got ready for the day, I too hate to be wearing PJ's during the day.. I guess I wore tracky dacks & T-shirts!???

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    Sep 2004

    I had a c-section, so it was hopital gown for about 24hrs after birth. Then I had showers in the morning and got back into my maternity wear. Because I found my stomach didn't go back in a hurry. Infact after arriving home with baby I made sure I went out in public with her so people new I just had a baby and just wasn't fat! :-s

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    May 2003
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    I had been in and out of the shower so much during labour that I ended up giving birth with a towel wrapped around me!

    After the birth I wore tracky daks and baggy t-shirts. I found that if I got up, showered and dressed in "normal" clothes that it made me feel more human! (Although this was a REAL challenge considering I had a brand new baby and no idea what to do with it!)

    A GF of mine who gave birth at the same time, same hospital as me stayed in PJ's and nighties for a few days and she swears that the midwives treated her like an invalid "patient" rather than a new Mother because of her dress, so quickly orgnaised her DH to get her 'normal' clothes, and she swears it made it difference to the way the midwives treated her!

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    Nikki Guest

    I wore the hospital gown until just after giving birth.

    Each morning I would shower & throw on some "normal" clothes (ie. trackies, jeans, loose fitting tops, button up shirts). I wanted to feel and look like a visitor not a patient.

    When I was pregnant I made 2 piles of clothes. 1 - typical hospital clothes & 2 - my normal clothes. That way I could get DH to bring me what I felt comfortable in.

    I also found that wearing my normal clothes helped when breastfeeding. I figured out ways to b/f in the wardrobe I already had. IYKWIM.

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    mooshie Guest


    with my first 2 i wore a hospital gown as i didn't want to wreck my own clothes, with lani had no time and as it was night and i was already there (being induced) i had my pj's on.

    i strongly recommend for labour that you wear old knickers (so you can throw them away) sometimes if your waters have broken they like you to wear a pad so they can monitor the discharge so things can be really messy. another great tip i got and i swear by is socks - yup old socks again but i tell you for some weird reason you can get really cold feet in labour.

    as for in hospital i bought cheap cotton button up dark coloured pj bottoms and top - you need dark for obvious reasons (lol) i watch out you don't get anything to thick as it can be really hot in hospital - and they usually have all the protector things on the bed.

    during the day our midwives encouraged us to get up and showered and dressed - (makes you feel normal again) i just wore tracky dacks and light tops that i could just lift to b/feed.

    hope it helps - good luck

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    Sep 2004
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    With my last bub I took in some of my maternity clothes to wear afterwards and huge granny undies that came up high because I was having a c section. Anything that is too low will sit on your wound. Didn't need anything for his birth because I had to wear a hospital gown of course.

    I was just pondering the same thing today, as I am having the baby at home and in a pool I don't know whether or not to have a t shirt, crop bra or go completely nuddie. If I have a top on it will make for nicer pics but will I be comfortable ??? Too many decisions

    Oops, sorry for highjacking your thread.

    Take care

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    Sep 2004
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    *LOL* Trish! I'm just glad someone else is pondering along with me!

    Thanks for all the replies girls! My hospital definately doesn't do hospital gowns (unfortunately)....I'll just invest in a cheap nightie that I can throw away after the labour.

    Trackie Dacks sound like the go for hospital during the day - I hadn't thought of that. Love my Trackies.

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    Oct 2003
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    I definatley went the tracky's and t-shirts I also had a few men's Pj's which I wore most of the time, I found I was happier and more comfy... the girl who shared the bathroom with me got up every morning, had a shower and did her hair & make up and put on dresses.... I couldn't leave Matilda alone... I just couldn't conceive of handing her over to the midwives....

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    Feb 2004

    I was nuddie Trish, as Brandon was born in the bath at home, and so I got skin on skin contact straight away. I wouldn't worry about photos, if it really bugs you you can always drape a face washer between your legs, but boobs are just boobs, and if you are going to bf, you'll end up being totally unselfconcious about them anyway, and just flop them out in front of anyone anyway lol. I've seen some lovely naked waterbirth photos.

    I found big baggy tshirts after Brandon was born were just as good as button up shirts, and I felt more comfortable in them. I wore a skirt most of the time, as I only had one pair of pants that fit. (Still can't get back into my my beloved old purple jeans lolol)

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    Jul 2004
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    When I was in labour I wore trackies and a button up shirt... My trackies ened up on the floor after a while anyway, but my lower half was under the blankets most of the time anyway.
    I had a couple of button up nighties to wear... but I wish I had brought PJ's.
    Also bringing day clothes is a good idea, I also wish I had brought more of those!

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    Aug 2003
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    Ok great I'm the weird one here LOL!! Since I knew I wanted more than one child, when I was pregnant with Matthew I bought one of those "football style" nighties with a number on the front - a huge 90 for the year he was born. I have worn the same nightie for each of my births and it's packed on top in my labour bag for this time as well.
    As for in the hospital, I alternated between nighties and trackies depending on how I was feeling. Just having the option of both available made me a little more comfortable since I'm a horrible patient anyway. I always take the undies I don't care about that are nice and roomy so if they get too messy I can just toss them.

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    Jan 2005
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    Yeah, I packed all my tacky knickers and just threw them away as I went in hospital.
    For labour I wore a fabulous pink sparkly, strapless (and stretchy) dress. I found matching pink legwarmers and a cute little pink cardie. I was determined not to wear a hospital gown, and went into labour the day I found my "perfect" labour outfit. My sister swears the baby couldn't come until I was properly attired for the event.

    It didn't get too mucky and is safely packed away until next time, but I still wear the cardie to bed as it is great to warm your shoulders if I sit up to feed bubs in the middle of the night.


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    Sep 2004
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    Susan, thanks for that. I know that in the end I'll probably go naked. Here was I trying to be modest I want to put bub on the boob pretty much asasp and I know that if I have to stop to take my top off it would drive me mad - plus I'd have to hand my baby over and thats NOT happening I have heaps of fils ready for the day plus a black and white ne so hopefully we get some really good pictures.

    Take care

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    Sep 2004
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    Suga, great idea. I just may pack in a bikini top. I can just imagine my bb's falling out when I'm rolling around on the pools edge

    Take care