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Thread: when to start driving??

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    Question when to start driving??

    i was reading the thread on how far away are you from your hospital. we live about 2mins from the hospital here but am not attending that hospital. so the one we are planning on delivering at is over an hour away.

    this is my second baby and ive been told it comes quicker my first was 24 hours of labour. when should you consiter driving there?? i know that going in too early can slow down labour this happened to my first. but i dont want to be the news head lines for having a baby on the side of the road hahaha. i know i will ring the hospital and ask but who knows what your body will do would you consiter driving after the first few contractions even if they are 10 mins apart.??? i am a bit worried i only have two weeks to go so i need to figure it out thanks for any advice

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    I would advise you to go as soon as your contractions are 10 mins apart or if they are very painful and regular at 15 mins apart.

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    I agree with Alan.
    We live a good half hour from the Hospital but have to drop the kids off at mums first so that adds another 10/15mins. My contractions became pretty intense fairly quickly and were only 5 mins apart. I HATED the drive down to mums then the Hospital because i was stuck in a position that i couldnt get comfy through the contractions. It was very painfull until i got out the car. Leave as early as you feel comfortable, i wouldnt wait for the contractions to be so painfull that being seated makes it worse. Especially seeing as the trip is going to be so long for you.

    Good luck

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