thread: Who to have in there and how to say no...

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    I was also concerned about who might want to be in the labour ward but we were both adamant that is was only going to be the two of us and no one else.

    My mother barged in on my sister when she was labouring and this was a concern to me as i thought she would do the same thing to me.

    To solve your problem do as we did. Tell everyone that you dont intend on telling anyone when you go into labour and then once the baby is born you will ring appropriated family members to let the know and only then can they come in and visit because youve given yourself plenty of time to bond with you new baby as well as getting adjusted to being a mum.

    Our daughter was born at 1.35am so we only rang the parents to let them know. Then once morning came DH rang the rest of the family.

    Dont forget that word of mouth is valuable so if you dont want DH on the phone all day or night telling people ask who ever he rings to spread the word. Its an exhausting time for all and the last thing either of you need is remembering who you rang and didnt.

    Best of luck

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    i should add ill be doing exact same thing when #2 comes along

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    Thanks for you great advice Kerrie, and everyone else. Hopefully we have a handle on this now.