thread: Are you a screamer or a moaner???

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    Jul 2008
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    Talking Are you a screamer or a moaner???

    I was just watching an old episode of 16 and Pregnant on Foxtel and the young girl giving birth was full on screaming.
    I had to laugh as she was only 1 1/2cm dialated and was asking for her epidural in between her screaming and crying.
    Now I know she was only young and possibly not the norm but did you scream during labour?

    I was more of a moaner during mine except for the crowning, I screamed then. That burn just kills doesnt it??

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    Jan 2009
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    A moaner through the early stages then an absolute screamer when things heat up and through transition.
    its my coping mechanism, i dont mean to do it, it just happens!

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    My reaction has depended on the sex of my kids... I'm guessing it is purely coincidental. I was a screamer for my boys and a moaner for my girls. I found the labours with my boys more painful than the ones with my girls.

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    Oct 2006

    Are you a screamer or a moaner???

    I moaned and groaned all the way up to about 8-9cm then screamed the ward down. Luckily I was the only one there late NYE, early NYD. lol

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    Jul 2009
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    with my son he was posterior, and in a lot of pain. I used pethidine and I had a little cry around 9cm but that was it. with my daughter all I was doing through contractions was shaking my hands going 'ow' .. and on first check I was 10cm! I was talking through pushing her out .. feeling her head and exclaiming how strange the overlapping felt .. And it was completely natural!

    Don't really fit in the screamer or moaner sections lol ..

    Oh and just adding, how you mentioned the 16 and pregnant show, I was 16 with my son, and I'm 18 now with my daughter ..
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    Jan 2010

    I am silent... don't know why, but any time I'm in extreme pain I completely internalise. Eyes closed, don't speak to me! I don't speak, don't yell... just silent. If something hurts a little bit... I'm a big fat sook and I cry and carry on, but REAL pain... silence. Go figure?? Does yelling or moaning help - because I'm willing to give it a try!!!

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    Jan 2008

    I swear I groaned her out of me - like really deep from the gut type groans or 'lowing' as the midwives put it - my throat was one of the sorest parts of my body the day after giving birth! No screaming at any stage though.

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    It can also be a sign of where the mother is psychologically. If a client of mine is screaming or high pitched, I will check to make sure she's not feeling frightened or scared, and help her to feel calm again. Send the energy down.... not out and up through the mouth! Generally speaking, I see screaming as feeling out of control, frightened or scared and can utilise energy best used other ways.
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    I was silent except for breathing like an idiot eyes closed, completely zoned on what I was doing. I did let out a squeal when DH turned the cold shower on me though

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    I'm silent. I completely withdraw into myself and don't make much of a sound at all.

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    Sep 2006
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    I moaned. Apparently, I don't remember it ...

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    Jul 2006
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    I am pretty silent - With a few grunts here and there :-)

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    Jul 2007
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    I moan in the first stages, but at the end I scream, yell and say the "F" word a lot. I apologise profusely to anyone within earshot between contractions though, LOL.

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    Aug 2007

    With DD, I screamed so much my throat hurt more than my vagina. Well, not quite but it was pretty thrashed.

    Send the energy down.... not out and up through the mouth!
    Kelly, that is pretty much exactly what my midwife said to me, use the scream to push through your bottom. And wadaya know... it worked!

    (If anyone is interested, DDs birth story is in my signature, just click on DD)

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    DW moans at the start, and then progresses to some pretty vocal screaming at the end, along with a nice clear "f$%k me!" at the end of each contraction. I don't mind. Apparently it's hard work. Who knew?

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    Oct 2008
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    bit of both really.. lol

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    ... seeing my entire duration of labour was a quick one of 2.5hrs with no drugs or no gas and i only discovered 2weeks before birth i had 2 gall stones causing me severe pain.

    my DD was born 39mins after arriving at the hosp ... the last 10-15mins i wouldn't say i screamed or moaned it was more like a super loud yelling weirdly enough like it was coming from my gut and not my throat (after nearly every yell i'd think WOW was that me gee i can be loud, LOL)... needless to say my throat was so sore afterwards i found it hard to talk (lucky i packed in my hosp bag a bag of barley sugar lollies )

    ... also i have to say with every yell it was like a drug giving me relief so i personally recommend anyone to do it if it feels good

    i was expecting to feel a burning sensation at the end but didn't i think i ended up going numb down there with all the swelling from pushing (i was thankful for that) ... did i mention they had to remove the poor pregnant lady in the room next to me because i was so loud

    *** Correction : i just asked DP moments ago and he reckoned i moaned not yelled ... but a loud moaning lol i think he's being far too kind

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    I swear I groaned her out of me - like really deep from the gut type groans or 'lowing' as the midwives put it - my throat was one of the sorest parts of my body the day after giving birth! No screaming at any stage though.
    ... HB that's what my midwife said too, also she said it was a way to call your baby to come ... my midwife was quite spiritual !!