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    hi every one

    i am currently 34 weeks and 4 days i saw the ob on monday and had a v swab i later had really bad stinging when peed and a tinge of blood the next day bub barely moved so went to hospital and heart rate was fine. next day bub more active but have had bad aches like period pain for last couple of days on and off. then today i had a mucous discharge which after reading other notes think might have been a show.

    well there is where i am at any help or advise would be great as this is number one and i live in the country and am 50 kms from nearest hospital 160 from hospital that am booked into and from what i have read i may be expecting my little one earlier than planned


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    It could be that maybe the Ob grazed you a little when he did the swab and that's what the blood is from. At this stage of pg it isn't uncommon to have a lot of mucous either and if it mixed with the bit of blood, it could make it look like you've had a show. But if you really feel that there is something going on in there, by all means take yourself to the hospital - I know it can be a hassle when you live so far away (I am 80km from my hospital) but it can really give you peace of mind too.

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    Hi Firstbabe
    Providint that the bleeding was light and does not last more than a couple of days then there is nothing to worry about. As Sherir said it is very common for your discharge to increase. A show is usually very thick and often has sreaks of blood in it. If you have had a show it is not a problem. Some women have a show up to 4 weeks before they give birth

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