Hello everyone! I'm doing an article on choosing support people for your birth next month, and would love any contributions from members!

I am after stories which are about support people who are non medical, and are there to support you physically, so not midwives or doctors. Please email them to me at [email protected]

Any of the following would be great!

1. Who did you have present at your birth for support?
2. Why did you ask the people you did?
3. What did you expect/ask of your support people?
4. What did your support people do that you found beneficial?
5. What did your support people do that you found not to be beneficial?
6. Do you regret inviting anyone to your birth and why?
7. What would you do differently next time?
8. If you didn't use a professional birth support person (eg birth attendant or doula) would you consider one, if you had the money to do so?
9. How do you think a professional support person could have helped you, physically and mentally?

Thanks guys!!!