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    This will probably end up being a mammoth post, so - here we go. I am struggling to remember the finer details, so thought I better put 'pen to paper' before I totally forget!!

    On Friday 7th April (my due date) I was hospitalised (for the third time in the last 7 weeks) with high blood pressure. Unfortunatley, both my doctor and the specialist were going to Perth for the weekend, so I had a frustrating time of not getting any answers on what was going on and how long I had to stay in there or what they were going to do.

    Sunday night the 9th April, the specialist came in to see me. He was brilliant. Booked me in to begin the induction (insertion of gels) on the Monday 10th April evening and sent me home for the Monday afternoon to spend some time with my boyfriend before it all started.

    The gel was inserted at 6pm, as nothing looked like it was going to happen on it's own. Very mild period like cramps started quite soon after, though nothing that stopped me from falling to sleep. By 2am I was getting more severe cramps, enough to wake me up and for me to have to start moving around. By 5am, they were very irregular but painful enough for me to have to call my boyfriend back into the hospital to keep me company and help me take my mind off it.

    By 7am, we were doing laps of the hospital grounds, the walking was really helping me get through the still very irregular contractions. At 8am we were taken to the Birthing Suite where I was examined and found to be 4cm dilated. My waters were broken (what an awful feeling, getting up off that bed and the water gushing out - I nearly slipped in it!!!!)

    I stayed in the shower until 10am, hoping labour would advance itself without having to get on the drip. Unfortunately, my contractions were still very irregular and the drip was inserted soon after.

    Much after this is a blur!

    The pains intensified and between contractions I was pretty zoned out to the point I was almost asleep. I do remember vomitting and trying the gas, but couldnt seem to suck in hard enough to get it working, so went to the pethidine at around 7cm dilated. Around here I lost all concept of time - so not sure when in the day it was!

    It worked for about an hour or so, then I had two huge contractions in which I got the shakes quite badly and needed the epidural. At this stage I was 8cm dilated. I was so scared getting it put in because I couldnt stop shaking, my boyfriend had to leave the room - he couldnt watch. The pain relief was instant. So much so that I went to sleep for about an hour.

    Finally, after an epidural top up we got to 10cm dilated and began pushing. I could feel with each push I didnt seem to be getting anywhere and after about an hour of pushing and the baby's heart rate taking longer to get back to where it should be after each contraction I was examined again and the specialist called as her head was transverse.

    Susan starts to freak out here.

    The Specialist arrives, examines me and confirms her head is transverse. Orders my epidural to be topped up and goes for a cup of tea. (He was a real character and seriously kept me sane through the last bit!) Upon his return (in gumboots might I add!) a Peadiatrition (sp??) was called. Susan continues to freak out! Though afterwards I was informed it is routine for one to be in attendance at vacuum deliveries.

    Then, at around 5 minutes after the Specialist came back in, Amber Lily Simmons was delivered (by this stage 8.03pm) weighing in at a healthy 8lb 12oz and 51cm long with a head circ of 37.5. Apgar's of 9 and 9. Her dad and I both in tears of joy and relief! I had to have an episiotomy and also tore in 2 places so after being stitched up and letting the rest of the drip run through Tim and I were left to bond with our beautiful baby girl.

    She is so beautiful and I wouldnt change all the pain for the world.

    Thanks for reading my novel!

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    =D> Well done Susan! Congratulations on a job well done!

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing \/

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    What a beautiful "novel" Susan.

    Welcome to the world AMBER LILY
    :happy4u: :smt041

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    Congratulations on the birth of Amber Lily and thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Take care

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    Susan great story!!! IKWYM re: the finer points of it all!
    Congratulations again on the safe arrival of AMBER!! \/

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