thread: The arrival of Bella Grace.

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    The arrival of Bella Grace.

    Ok it is late at night so this may be a little all over the place.

    The week before i had Bella i had a false start, i started getting pains they were about 7-10 mins apart and were quite strong ( not extremely painful though) i ended up at the hospital after about 6 hours of having these pains and the nurse told me that i wasnt dilating yet but she was sure she was going to see me later that evening... but no it all stopped a couple of hours after i had gone home...

    The 12th of Feb started like any old day, get up, have shower, get DS ready etc... Although there was one thing bugging me.. my backyard.. lol all of a sudden i had a bright idea to mow the back lawns!!! (i now realise this was me nesting) what a sight it must have been, 9 months preg pushing a lawnmower around... anyway after that i cleaned the house up got tea ready and gave DS a bath and put him into bed.

    Later that night DF suggested to DTD i just rolled my eyes at him like i had from being about 4 months preg lol during this pregnancy i was completly turned off sex for some reason.. ANYWHO he eventually convinced me into doing it this was around 10:30pm.
    After all that business had finished i got up to watch a bit of TV and then started getting pains at about 11:30pm. They started off similar to the ones i had the previous week except they had a little bit more bite to them IYKWIM.

    I went back to bed at 2 am to try and get some sleep and thats when i realised these pains might be a bit more serious than i realised because i wasnt able to sleep through them ( they still werent that painful at this time)
    I remember i got up and posted on BB and some rediculous time of the morning (priorities first obviously!! ) and then i called the hospital to ask if i could come up for a bit of monitoring to put my mind at ease.
    I got to the hospital at about 5am and it was the same nurse from the previous week after about an hour of monitoring she said "yes you are having contractions" "but no you are not dilating yet!" I really wanted to scream in her face even though it wasnt her fault, it was my body not hers lol

    She gave me some pannadiene forte and sent me home, i took the tablets and went to bed but still wasnt able to get any sleep!! ( i probably knew at this time i was in labour but i was still in denial.)

    At about 8am DS woke up and DF had already left for work , i was like a zombie trying to get him breakfast and get him dressed i was worried that i wasnt going to be able to watch him properly as the pannadiene forte had really knocked me around, i couldnt sleep but i could barely keep my eyes open!!! So i messaged one of my good friends erin to come over and help me (lucky she was visiting that week as she lives in geelong!) she came over around 10:30am i was still having pains around the 7-10 min mark slowly getting stronger but not painful!!

    We went down the street as i had to pay my rent, bills etc and i just really wanted to get out of the house!! i also had to organise DF's valentines day present!
    WE went to bamboo juice (like boost juice) and got a drink then went into go-lo and had a look around as soon as we walked out BAM i had a massive contraction i just turned around and said "um i think we should go up to the hospital" so we made our way back to the car and BAM another contraction hit just as i sat down in the car. they were probably about 2 mins apart.

    I thought hmm i might be up at the hospital for a bit getting monitoring i better have some lunch first so we went to mcdonalds and from when we left the street to arriving at mcdonalds i didnt have ANY contractions so we just sat in the car park eating our luch deciding whether i really should go up to the hospital or not. Erin really wanted me to go but i had DS with me and he doesnt behave very well in hospitals so i was a bit hesitant.

    Eventully i said ok lets just go and get this monitoring done with and from the time we left the car park to getting to mcdonalds i had another 2 contractions...

    When we got to the hospital i put DS in the pram and we were walking past emergency and a bee started buzzing around us. i froze because i am terrified of bees and it started buzzing around DS and landed in his ear, DS tried to grab it and it stung him in his ear!!! so we had to rush into emergency to make sure everything was ok and the lady in there said 'are you ok?' and i said ummm well actually i think im in labour.. i have never seen anyone get up so quick in my life she was like' oh come in! come in!' i had to leave DS in emergency with my friend erin as i made my way up to the labour ward.

    on the way up there i actually had to stop and breathe when i was having contractions thats when it really hit me i thought ' oh **** this baby is actually going to come out now'
    they took me into the delivery room and put the monitors on me i looked at the clock and it was 2:15pm.
    by 3pm the contractions were painful but i could dtill breathe through them i was moving around the bed like crazy they came in and checked me and said um well you are 4cm dilated!
    At that time i called DF and my student midwife carly and told them to come up ( i hadnt called them all day to tell them anything.. oops) and by about 5pm i had pretty painful contractions about 4min apart. I remember everytime i would have one i would get up on the bed and lean over the back of the bed and sway my hips.. i dont know why it just seemed to help at the time.

    I remember transition quite clearly.. that was the part where i was saying (in my serious voice) YES OK I NEED THE EPIDURUAL NOW, and the midwife saying back ' no your doing great, how about we give the gas a try and then maybe we could give you some peth... then i turned and looked at DF and said WHY ARENT THEY LISTENING TO ME!!??? and that is when the contractions became unbearable everytime i would have one i would crawl (like the crab crawl) up the back of the bed ( maybe i was trying to run away from the pain??) carly was great she gave me the gas and showed me how to use it, i looked at her and said i REALLY need to go to the toilet and she said ok do u want me to help u off the bed and... before she could even finish her sentence i yelled THERE IS NO WAY I CAN WALK TO THE FRIGGIN TOILET!
    So she got me a bed pan and i remember doing the biggest wee i had done in ages!! it was a massive relief!

    All of a sudden my contractions were on top of each other, i looked at the clock and it was 6:07pm i only remember that because i thought omg its 7 past why couldnt it be an even number like 10 or something!!! (STUPID THOUGHT)

    the next contraction i lifted my hips off the bed and i felt myself squeeze down there and POP my waters broke and i dont mean they just gushed all over the bed.. they completely missed the bed and hit the floor they squirted everywhere!!!
    as soon as they broke my natural instincts kicked in and my body started to push and i could feel her head straight away. This may sound strange but nothing beats that burning feeling because you know that its all going to be over soon.
    As soon as her head came out i was completely relaxed and was actually laying there talking to my midwife and saying that i couldnt wait for my next contraction because that meant that i was going to meet my baby!!
    that last contraction was amazing i pushed with everything that i had left in me and they put her straight onto my chest and we had our first cuddle.
    I will never forget that moment!! it was 6:25pm. Just an hour after her birth she had her first feed and i loved every minute of it i felt so close to her.

    DF was great the whole time he was constantly reassuring me that i was doing a great job and he was wetting my facewasher every 2-3 mins i feel sorry for him though. during those last few excruciating contractions i latched onto his arm and left some pretty decent marks.. oops

    THANKYOU if you have gotten this far you definatly deserve a medal.

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    Mar 2007

    Well done hun!! That is one great birth story

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    Mar 2008
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    well done hun...you did fantastic...congrats xxxx

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    Feb 2007

    Well done, you did a fantastic job!

    I hope your DS's ear made a quick recovery, the poor thing.

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    You did great

    Well done!!!

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    And the little princess was worth every inch of pain

    She is BEAUTIFUL, great story laura xxx

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    Cloud nine :D

    Well done thats an awesome story! A privledge to read it

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    Sep 2007
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    COngrats on Bella Grace's arrival, what a great birth story

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    Jan 2008
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    Congratulations Laura!! What a fantastic story - you did an amazing job mate.

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    Dec 2006
    Out of my mind. Back in five minutes...

    Congrats. Welcome little pricness. Bella Grace is a beautiful name. It was part of my Grannys name, and I would have used it if I had a girl.

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    Jun 2008

    What a wonderful birth story! Well done .

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    Apr 2008

    What a great birth story!

    I had to laugh at DF finally getting to DTD I hope your DS ear was ok - that sounds like a bit of a drama.

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    Mar 2006

    Wonderful story Laura - you did a fantastic job!

    And I didn't realise it before, but she was born on my 30th birthday!

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    Apr 2008

    Thank you for sharing your birth story hun! I loved reading it. So similar to mine hey! I can totally relate to you trying to claw yourself up the bed and trying to escape the pain by doing that as I did the same thing.

    You were my inspiration and I loved reading this story

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    Nov 2007

    Thanks for sharing your story Laura! Congratulations!

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    Oct 2006

    What a great story, Laura! Well done Thank you for sharing yours and Bella's story with us. Enjoy her!

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    Thank you for sharing your birth story hun! I loved reading it. So similar to mine hey! I can totally relate to you trying to claw yourself up the bed and trying to escape the pain by doing that as I did the same thing.

    You were my inspiration and I loved reading this story
    thank you, you are so kind x x
    thank you to everyone who read my story it was a great birth experience!!
    ... and yes DS's ear is fine!! lol

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    I love the way you told the story it was really cool and I know exactly what you mean about the burning feeling it's almost a relief in a way