thread: The Arrival of Declan Christopher Moore

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    Nov 2004

    The Arrival of Declan Christopher Moore

    After a long, hot pregnancy, i was feeling relieved to be nearing the end! At 35 weeks, i was heading to the shower about lunchtime, as my 22 month old was down for his daytime nap, and i felt a gush down my leg. Last time, my waters were broken while i was doped up on pethadine, so i dont remember it. So i had a shower still, then called my mum, who said to call the hospital. The midwife told me to come in straight away, even though i felt fine! So called hubbie, who probaby broke all speed records and beat me to the hospital, even tho we live about 10km closer than where he works! After a checkup, i was informed that my waters had broken, but there was no dilation, and as i was only 35 weeks, they wanted my baby checked out. So we went downstairs for an ultrasound, and they told me my baby boy was fully formed, and about 6lb!! After a few hours i was told that i wasnt in labour, and i had only broken my "hind waters." i ended up staying in hospital for about 3 days, i was extremely depressed. I was told to prepare myself to give birth, then told no. At 37 weeks and 1 day, i was feeling very uncomfy, as the baby was pushing down really hard. One cough while i was eating my lunch, and out came another gush!! I thought iot would be just like the last time, and as it was a saturday and my hubbie was at home (and worried!) i told him it was probably nothing, and not to worry, But 5 minutes later, fluid just started leaking nonstop! I decided that maybe we should go for a checkup... so off we went again! After getting checked i was told that it was just my hind waters again, but there were going to keep me in for observation. Aftyer pleading with the doctor, i was granted an induction (i was booked in for one in 5 days anyway!) and was prepped, put into the birthing suite all ready to go - when the head midwife came in, trying to talk me out of it. Saying that my baby may be underweight, and as he was prem his lungs mightn't be developed properly yet, and could i live with myself if something happened to him, because i was selfish and didnt want to be pregnant anymore? I told her i still wanted to be induiced, and 20 minutes later another nurse came back and told me my induction had been cancelled. (later on we found out that the other nurse who tried to talk me out of it cancelled it because she couldnt be bothered staying with me during the labour. We put in a complaint about her later.) I was put back into my room, bawling my eyes out, and just slept. the next day i started getting terrible backache and stomach cramps. later on my doc came back and i told him what happened. so he put me in a room, broke my waters and started my drip. 2 hours later, at 4pm, my contractions started - 90 seconds long and 40 seconds between. i waited until 5.30 till i started the gas, and 6pm until i asked for pethadine. i was naked the whole time, and in and out of the shower! just when i started pushing, i decided i wanted another shower, and waddled over. my husband was then informed i was going to give birth in the shower, as long as i hopped off the toilet immediately!! a mat was laid down, and i started pushing. but i was terrified of tearing as i did last time, so i tried to push my baby back in! my hubbie grabbed my hands as our sons head came out, but i was in so much pain i started trying to pull him out! what i didnt realise was the cord was wrapped around his throat twice, and they had to stop and unwrap it, otherwise he would have been strangled. once they had finished, my gorgeous son came from my body and was laid on my chest. he was grey and very quiet. a quick finger round his mouth and he started crying. it was the best sound in the world!! My beautiful son Declan Christopher entered the world at 8.22pm on Sunday 20th March 2005, weighing 7lb 15 1/2 oz and 50cm long. not bad for 3 weeks prem! an hour later i was back in my room, nursing my few grazes and my boy. today, he is 12 weeks old, and although he has had reflux, complete with projectile vomiting, he is still a healthy 7.73kg!!

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    Mar 2005


    OMG what a story, your so brave. That nurse sounds like a *****? How did she think she is telling you that-and saying that your selfish coz you don't want to be pregnant? My jaw dropped reading that-good on you for making a complaint.

    Glad all worked out fine, he's a big boy isn't he(no offence), my baby is 7mths and only weighs 7.4kgs!!!!!

    8-[ Good story sweetie.xx

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    Melinda Guest

    Well done! That's a fantastic story! Declan is a great name too!

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    Jul 2004
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    Wow, thanks for sharing your story Simone!
    It sounds like it was quite distressing for you having to go in and out of hospital. I can't think of a bigger let down then being told you're not to be induced after all... I sort of understand cause they tried to do that to me and turn me away after my waters broke, but I cracked the biggest stink and started bawling, lol!
    Thats fantastic to hear that Declan was so healthy and such a good size.
    Well done!

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    May 2004

    OMG @ that head midwife cancelling your induction. Good on you for making a complaint about her. I am glad everything is ok with Declan and you. He was definitley a good size and weight for 3 weeks prem.

    Tahnks for sharing your story with us.

    Take Care

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    Sep 2004
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    Thanks for sharing your story Simone. Declan was a great size, don't know what that nurses problem is. Good to hear you put in a complaint about her.

    Sounds like Declan is going great guns and growing nicely too.

    Well done.

    Take care

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    Thanks for sharing your story Simone, I did have a bit of a chuckle at trying to push him back in. Grrr to the midwife as well.


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    Nov 2003

    thasnks for sharing simone

    glad u made a complaint about that midwife, i too had to have a little chuckle over trying to push him back in hehe

    take care

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    Mar 2005

    Wow what a cow of a midwife. You were probably better off without her though.

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    Jan 2005
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    Thanks for sharing your story! I can remember thinking the same thing about tearing with my second too, and panting through a few contrations to avoid the inevitable.

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    Nov 2004

    Glad everything went well for you in the end Simone, thank for sharing your story.

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    Feb 2005
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    thanks simone for sharing your story. :evil: cant believe that midwife!!!