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Thread: The arrival of Nathan Xavier

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    Talking The arrival of Nathan Xavier

    Nathan Xavier was born on Monday night the 19th June at 7.08pm
    weighed 3.4 kg (7lb 9oz)
    HC 35cm
    L 55cm

    Sorry it's A little long but thanks for reading.

    I would really have loved to go into labour naturally at home however given our location and lack of medical service and the fact that I have school children who can't miss weeks of school waiting for me to go into labour I have had no choice but to elect an induction.
    My due date according to me was 16th of June According to 20 week scan my EDD was the 21st.
    On June 16th we drove into Mackay (350km from home) for my Antenatal checkup. My Ob informed me that I was 2-3 cm dilated and he didn't want me to go back out to Tieri as he felt I could go over the weekend. But he booked me in for an induction on Monday 19th June. We stayed with my Aunt. Over the weekend we went shopping and walked and walked, DTD a few times and I squatted heaps on the fit ball and walked and walked some more. But nothing happened, not a BH, nothing . So feeling quite defeated and very disappointed that I didn't go naturally over the weekend, we rocked up to the Hospital at about 9.15am ready to be monitored and have my water broken. My darling sleepy lazy posterior baby wouldn't play nice with the midwife and they kept losing the trace as he kept snuggling back dep inside me, hehehe.
    At 10 am My OB came in and ruptured my membranes, I laid there being monitored for another half hour and then got up to have a walk around the gardens (Lovely private hospital on the river) Had a big gush as I stood up, cleaned myself up and padded up and out we went DH and I to walk this baby down (10.45am). We walked and walked and walked, I had some niggly nothing pains when I was walking but nothing intense and no contractions. Walked around for an 3/4hour then went back up as I had saturated through the pad and had a big wet patch on my butt, lol. I changed and we walked some more.
    At 12.15pm we went back up as I again saturated the pad. Midwife told me that lunch would be served shortly and asked to monitor me for a while I agreed. We had a lovely roast lunch. Baby was still non compliant with the monitor and they had me skulling icey cold water to wake him, All it really achieved was frequent trips to the loo to pee. At 1pm we were out walking again this time up on the verandah doing laps as it was raining heavily. Still no contractions. DH parked himself on a chair and chatted to me as I lapped the verandah stopping every so often to sit and rest. No contractions, but still leaking especially when I would go from squatting to standing.
    At 2pm the Midwife came in and told me that my OB wanted me started on the Syntocin drip, which I adamently refused, the midwife was very supportive and told my OB that I didn't want it. She discussed it with me and asked me what my fears were, which I told her I was scarred of hard and fast and losing control. I told her I wanted to walk some more to see if I start contracting on my own. The rain had eased so we went back down stairs and walked some more and discussed the synto issue with DH. DH thought I should try it as he was worried about the fluid I had lost ( I wasn't concerned although it just constantly trickled and gushed) and he worried that I was tiring myself out before anything had even happened and maybe if we should kick it into action.
    I agreed and went back upstairs and told the midwife that I would give it a go, she said she would just give me a whiff and see how I'd go so at 3.15pm the monitor and drip went on and at 3.30pm I had my first contraction. they started out at 10 mins apart and quickly went to five minutelybut it was one big one then a little one. I dealt with the contractions nicely by breathing through them and rocking my pelvis. I was offered all the forms of pain relief which I refused as I still wanted a drug free birth as I had had them before and knew I could do it. Pain really started to kick in on my back so I got onto the bed and on my knees lent over a bean bag and a couple of pillows while DH and the midwife rubed my back and put hot towels on it.
    At 6.30pm my OB came in to examine me I had to lay on my back through a contraction while he felt how far dilated I was, It was excruitiating being on my back during a contraction with him examining me I gripped DH and OB's wrists and held on for dear life. I felt so out of control. Back on my knees and over my bean bag he told me I was 7 to 8 cm dilated and I asked to push to see if I could get him down, he agreed, I tried but was not quite there, I told them I would wait through three more contractions and try again. My contractions remained a good few mins apart and I rested not opening my eyes for what seemed like only a moment, I waited through three more and then told them I was going to push, This time it all started happening I felt him moving down and I pushed with all my might, Deep deep down. My primal instincts kicked in and I tranced my way throughpanting in between. One push for the head and two for the shoulders. Out came Nathan Xavier into the world at 7.08pm, No drugs, no tears. DH cut the cord. I wanted to pick him up but I was all tangled up in cords and drip. They took him off the bed and untangled me and I turned around eager to hold my precious baby boy.

    Apart from having a little bleed and a few huge blood clots, everything was great, managed and controlled. The Synto was not as bad as I imagined I said that I would never have it and yet I did. But I really can't say it was a bad experience. Normally my contractions have been all over the place almost on top of each other, For me I think the synto helped regulate my contractions. They were no more painful then normal. And it wasn't hard and fast, but controlled and manageable. Over all I am very happy about this birthing experience.
    Nathan breastfeeds and sleeps well and is adored by his four big sisters, What more could I ask for, I now have five happy healthy children and I'm as proud as punch about it.

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    Well done Dee. Thanks for sharing Nathan's birth story. I'm sure his sisters love him to bits.

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    What a great birth story and well done for doing it with no drugs! You must be thrilled to have a beautiful blue bundle to add to your family and I'm sure your four DDs will dote over their little brother like nothing else!

    Congratulations again and thanks for sharing your story


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    Aww..that's beautiful Dee.
    Thanks for sharing


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    Well Done Dee
    You make it sound so pleasant , I could even consider another baby hehe
    Congratulations once again - on a beautiful son , and smooth labour!

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    thanks for sharing your birth story Dee, no drugs AND no tears thats fantastic!
    congratulations again on the birth of your gorgeous son Nathan

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    Congrats Dee on a job well done
    I bet he is being totally smothered with kisses from his big sisters!

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    Sal Guest


    very impressed at a drug-free induction

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    Congratulations! I'm glad you found it a positive experience even with the drip and you till managed drug free, well done.


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    Dee - thanks so much for sharing your story. Wonderful to hear that induction went well for you.

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