thread: The arrival of our little man, Luke

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    Jan 2004

    The arrival of our little man, Luke


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    Dec 2006

    Thanks for posting this nic. I didn't know you were in labour already when they took you in. Funny little DS - he was keen to meet you too. Glad for you all the CS went ok.

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    Feb 2007

    Awww, what a gorgeous story! It sounds like your DS was trying to beat your OB to it LOL! I love your description of holding him for the first time .

    Thanks for sharing your story

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    Dec 2006
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    thanks for sharing hun - it's nice to read about other long termers fearing they won't be able to bond with their baby when it arrives!!

    sounds like, planned c/s or not, your little man was picking that day as his birthday!

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    Jul 2004

    What a shock to find out you were already 8cm!!

    Well done and Congratulations

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    Feb 2006

    thanks for sharing, cant believe he's already 9 months!

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    Jan 2007
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    Thanks for sharing Nic, BG is right, its comforting to share the fears of other long termers, and know that no matter what happens or how it happens, that when it happens, things are usually ok.
    You did a wonderful job through labour and the outcome is your gorgeous boy.

    My how fast time really has flown!!

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    Oh, such a gorgeous birth story Nic ... i feel so wrapt to be honoured to have read it ... Thank you so much for sharing with us all here

    I too felt concerned after a long TTC how would i feel about this baby ... but the moment i laid eyes on her my very first thought was 'Am i dreaming' cause it just felt like i was floating on a cloud ... Because of THAT thought we named her Cendrine as the name Cendrine sounded like 'Send me a dream'

    Nic, i wish you a wonderful journey ahead ... it's just so magical & tingly the feeling ... and one of the wonders of that we get to have that feeling for such a long, long time

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    Mar 2008
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    Oh Nic well done. Can't believe you were already 8cm lol that must have shocked a few of the medical staff Congrats for your little boy