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    Jun 2003

    Asha's arrival

    Okay here goes ... could be a little long but will keep it as short as possible!!!

    We dropped the kids at school on Friday morning and then went to the shops because I didn't want to go home and fill in an hour (it would have seemed a lot longer I am sure!) so we went and Ryan had some breakfast because I told him it would be a long day! The time finally came for us to head to the hospital. We arrived at 10 and went up to the maternity ward. I was shown to my bed and then the fun began! I had to take off all my jewellery, take the nail polish off my toes (oops forgot about that!!) and then put on the very attractive gown. The midwife did all the normal things for a c-section (like shave etc) and then we had to just sit and wait.

    I read my Woman's Day magazine and tried to talk to Ryan who had gone all quiet as he was getting very nervous about it all (he has a lot of strong feelings about child birth since his son was still born but we got through it!) We talked about his exam the next day and what we were going to do about the kids ... Ryan ended up ringing day care and organising for them to pick the kids up and then had to ring school and ask them to explain that Mum was okay but the doctor was late so they would have to go to day care but Ryan would pick them up as soon as possible and bring them to see me.

    The c-section was scheduled for 1pm and at 1.30 they finally came to get me. I was very nervous by that stage and had been to the loo about 3 times. They wheeled me down to the waiting area as the anesthetist had gone missing LOL and then they took Ryan away to get him changed in to the most gorgeous (LOL) green outfit on earth!! Then we played the waiting game. Finally we were wheeled in to the OR and then it all began. Last time with Jack I was oblivious to everything that was going on around me as it all happened so quickly and most of it happened in the labour ward with Jack.

    They attempted to put the IV in but missed the first time and then the second attempt missed as well but she decided to try and dig around for the vein ... well she didn't get it and it hurt like hell. Then they tried the other hand and finally managed to get it in!!! Hooray! Next was the local for the epidural. There was a little sting ... actually it was bigger than a little one … and she didn’t give it much time to work before she began the rest of the epidural. Poor Ryan thought his hand was going to drop off I was squeezing it that hard. It wasn’t a nice experience and hurt a lot more than I remember it hurting the previous two times (although that could be due to faded memory as it had been a while since the last ones!!!). I could feel that starting to work and then the fun began!!!

    They managed to get my legs up although they felt like lead and then the doctors came in and they put up the screen. It is hard to describe the feeling and I don’t want to scare anyone about c-sections but you can feel everything they are doing but no pain. I could feel them tugging away and they weren’t very gentle about it. Once they start baby arrives very quickly … about 15 minutes form the first incision. Ryan was surprised that it happened so quickly. At 2.21pm Asha had arrived and I remember them saying “It’s a piddler” but I heard her cry and was overwhelmed. It seemed like ages before they told me it was a girl but I am sure it wasn’t too long. Ryan went to cut the cord … something he was looking forward to … and then came back with Asha all wrapped up so I could see her and give her a kiss. Asha had apgars of 9 and 9 so she was taken to the nursery and as we had talked about Ryan went with her. I told him that I would be fine and he had to stay with her.

    After Ryan left I began to get the shakes and began feeling sick (something I do remember from the last c-section) and it didn’t help that the doctors were not being too gentle about it all. I knew it was because my blood pressure had dropped but I managed to not throw up this time!!! When they finished I went to recovery and slept!!! I stayed there for 20 minutes then they wheeled me back to the ward. As soon as I got back to my room Ryan came to see me. He was so happy and over the moon. I was just plain tired (I think the lack of sleep from the past week had finally caught up with me) so I sent Ryan off to have one more look at Asha and then to go and collect the kids from day care. He took them home and then brought them in to see me and too meet Asha. Emma got quite upset as she hasn’t been to see anyone in hospital before and was not very comfortable seeing me with an epidural line in my back and an IV in my hand or with the fact that I couldn’t sit up or move my legs. She was very teary so I ended up spending a lot of time telling her I would be okay and that by the time she came to see me the next day all the drips and things would be gone and I would be sitting up in bed. She seemed to be okay by the time they went home. I had a little dinner … just some soup and bread but about an hour after that I was sick … my blood pressure had dropped again so I had some more medication to bring it back up. I spent the rest of the night being monitored and they brought Asha to me when she wanted a feed. It was 6 hours after she was born before I fed her … she slept the whole time!!! She continues to be a good feeder and sleeper.

    The recovery took longer this time although I am feeling better now I am home and getting back into the swing of things. I still get tired by the afternoon and am using pain as my guide in terms of how much I do and when I rest. My body certainly tells me if I am over doing things. The kids are absolutely besotted with Asha and can’t get enough. It seems like every 5 minutes they are asking to hold her but I am glad that we have had no problems with her being here. I think all the preparation Ryan and I did with the kids worked well and they are both aware that we love them all just the same and that Asha’s arrival doesn’t mean we love them any less.

    Well so much for keeping that short. I hope it hasn’t scared anyone and hasn’t bored you all to tears either. Thank you all again for your good wishes on the arrival of our little princess. We look forward to sharing all the ups and downs that will follow.

    Hugs from us all

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    Pietta Guest

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Kelly. It is lovely to know that although things can hurt it is worht it, and that some baby's do actually sleep!

    I cant wait to see some pics of her!!

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    Feb 2004

    Thats a great story Kelly. Congratulations

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    Mar 2004

    Congrats Kelly and thank you so much for sharing Asha's story with us!


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    Melinda Guest

    Congratulations Kelly and thanks so much for sharing little Asha's birth story (and what a beautiful name!)

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    Jun 2003

    Thanks everyone ... Pee if you click on the www link of my posts you should get to Asha's site and there is a link to a photo album there.


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    A great story Kelly !!! and I look forward to reading all about those ups and downs too

    Love :smt049

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    Nov 2003
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    Great story Kelly, and gives me a much clearer picture of a c section. So glad things are settling down and hope your recovery continues quickly and you are back to normal soon!
    Best wishes Michelle

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    Nov 2003

    aww she is so beautifull!!

    and great story thanks for sharing it

    take care

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    Just checked out the pics Kelly and she is gorgeous,
    well done to yuo all.
    Cheers michelle

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    katanya Guest

    Congratulation one the birth of Asha, beautiful name and she is a beautiful little girl..
    I love the photos of her and your family, the one of your husband and Asha sleeping..looks like my Felix and his Dad! Good to see I am not the only one who loves sneeking up and taking photos of sleeping family members~! (your husband even looks abit like mine!)

    Enjoy the beautiful first weeks!