thread: The Birth of Aidan James

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    Mar 2004

    The Birth of Aidan James

    On Monday 20th December at 9:30am I was 8 days overdue and induced with prostin gel. I settled in for the day as the gel would be inserted again 6hrs later and labour normally starts with the 2nd application, with birth the following evening, especially in first time labours. Contractions started almost straight away, non painful just tightenings and were regular. DH went to get some lunch at about 1pm and while he was gone the contractions started to get a little painful, by the time he got back at 2pm they were getting quite ‘uncomfortable’. A midwife came to check on me and I finally agreed to taking some Panadeine Forte, which I threw up straight away (another good sign labour had started). The doctor who inserted the gel was back at 3:30pm and she did an internal before applying more gel and pronounced me 3cm dilated – yippee!! So no more gel and off to the birth unit where I wasn’t to realise the real fun had only just begun! In the birth unit I settled on the fit ball which was comfy for about 20mins while the midwife run the bath which I was looking forward to and knew it would help as I’ve always loved the water! Gas was my new best friend from this point right up until birth (although it doesn’t take the pain away but seems to make a difference in some way). Once in the bath my contractions were regular (sorry cannot remember timings) and quite strong and at about 5:30pm I started asking for more pain relief and the midwife suggested pethadine which I finally decided to take at 6pm. To be honest it didn’t feel like it helped with the pain at all but DH says I was much calmer during the contractions and stopped my shaking. At about 6:30pm I started to get the strong pushing urge which got stronger and stronger with each contraction. Finally got out of the bath at 7:00pm and back to the birth unit for pushing, (I chose to kneel and lean on the bed) for 1.5hours, waters broke at 8:15pm (meconium stained but no problems) and Aidan James was born at 8:30pm!! Unfortunately I have a 2nd degree tear which was stiched up (about 12 stitches) but I didn’t feel the tear at the time, just lots stinging when Aidan’s head was coming out, nothing compared to the pain of the contractions. Our beautiful litte man had an Apgar’s of 9 at 1min and 10 at 5min, weighed in at 9pounds 9ounces with a head circumference of 35.5 cm and was 52.5cm in length, perfect all round (nice and big which Mummy is feeling but it’s all worth it).

    Sorry for such a long birth story, I just don’t want to forget everything and I feel so lucky to be finally writing this and know the effect on what other birth stories had on me leading up to Aidan’s birth.

    I still can’t believe I was in labour for only 7.5 hours and thought I would probably end up having an epidural. The midwife came to see me the next day and said what a wonderful birth it was and that she went home feeling really chuffed, which makes me feel pretty damn proud! I wonder why I only had the one internal and I guess it is because it all went so well and the midwife relied on my natural instincts.

    Aidan James kept us waiting but he just needed a little prod and he was out in no time!!

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    Feb 2004

    Wow Jess, after all that waiting Aidan definately was quick in his arrival!

    Congratulations on such a wonderful birth, sounds like all that worry was for nothing - your body did know what to do & the midwife thought so as well!

    Congrats again to you & Chris. And a big welcome to Aidan.

    BTW your babiesonline website says it's about to expire, better get some photos on there quicksmart

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    Jul 2004

    Oh Jess, i've been waiting to read your birth story since i found out you had Aidan! What a great story it was too. Nice size bub aswell You did a great job! Welcome little Aidan, your mummy is so proud of you!

    See you in the newborn forum

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    Oct 2003
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    YAY thats fantastic! What a good job you did!! Thanks for sharing with us!

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    Pietta Guest

    Congrats Jess!!

    What a great story! Well done

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    Nov 2003

    What a great birth story, Jess! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Congratulations Jess on such a great birth.

    Take Care


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    Congratulations again Jessica what a wonderful birth story.


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    Sep 2004
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    Jess, thanks for sharing your great story with us. Glad to hear that all went smoothly for you and Aidan.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wow Jess! It sounds like you had a "dream" labour (though I am sure it was damn hard work!!). Well done and congratulations once again. \/ Thanks so much for sharing your story. Don't worry, it wasn't long at all. Just wait until I post mine. We all know that I cannot do short posts so look out!!

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    Melinda Guest

    Congratulations on doing such a marvellous job of bringing Aidan into the world! That was a great birth story, and you should be so very proud of yourself!!!

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    Mar 2004

    Congratulations Jess! Well done on bringing Aidan into the world, you are right to be proud of yourself!


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    Feb 2004

    Congratulations Jess!!!!!

    I am so happy that little Aidan has arrived safe and well, and that you are too. You should be very proud of yourself! Look forward to sharing stories with you about our little boys - if I ever get time to be online (being kept pretty busy these days)

    Take care!

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    Nov 2003

    congrats jess, on what sounds like a nice stress free labour.. and wow 9lbs! you did very very well

    take care

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    Jul 2004
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    Congratulations Jess!!! =D> Thanks for sharing your wonderful birth story. Sounds like you did soooo well... you should be really proud of yourself!!

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    Nov 2003
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    Terrific story Jessica. Very quick for you after such a long wait. My doc told me when I complained that Jemma's birth hurt that " she had a bloody big head so I should think so" LOL Ditto to you, esp as the bigger the baby the bigger the head.

    I think you did a wonderful job and am glad to hear you had such a positive experience.

    Best wishes Michelle

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    Feb 2004

    Congrats Jess and DH!!

    Welcome little Aidan to the world!!

    Thanks for sharing your birth story and I am sorry I am late with my congrats, I have been thinking about you and hoping that all went well. I am so glad it did and I will be very happy if my labour went like that too!

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    Scarlett Guest

    Congratulations Jess and welcome to little aiden. Im so gald things went so well for you.